Sudden cramps in your feet, or a sudden contraction of your muscles, may be transient conditions caused by exercise or dehydration. Sometimes, when lying down, a muscle or surrounding muscles can suddenly twitch and then be accompanied by soreness. If this happens often, your diet should increase your intake ofRead More →

Migraine: When migraine attacks, you can soak your hands with hot ginger water for about 15 minutes, and the pain will be reduced or even disappeared. Periodontitis: first wash the teeth with hot ginger water, and then drink the tea with hot ginger water, 1 to 2 times a day,Read More →

The definition of cosmeceuticals has not been well defined. Most of the products are introduced through advertisements or the recommendations of pharmacists in the so-called cosmetics stores. And many more cosmetics use the banner of cosmeceuticals to attract consumers attention, but its inner substance does not have the efficacy ofRead More →