During the Eleventh Golden Week, going out is the choice of many families. However, if you are not careful during the tour, you may be entangled with tourism sickness and spoil the interest of visiting. Diarrhea is the most common disease when traveling. Tourist diarrhea is caused by infectious microorganisms,Read More →

Sea bathing, soaking in the sea for two or three hours a day, persisting for a week or a half, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, and lower back pain have been alleviated. To sum up, sea bathing has at least four major benefits to your health. First, the composition of seawater isRead More →

Dragon fruit is rich in nutrition and unique in function, which has excellent effects on human health. It contains plant-derived albumin and anthocyanins, which are rare in common plants, rich in vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber. Albumin is a sticky, colloidal substance that has a detoxifying effect on heavy metalRead More →

Mandarin fish is also known as catfish and seasonal flower fish. It has always been considered as the best fish in the world and is a precious freshwater fish in the world. Even in the past, it was difficult for ordinary people to afford. Catfish is a precious freshwater fishRead More →

There are a lot of weight-loss health foods, weight-loss health products, and weight-loss devices on the market. Consumers must have a correct understanding, and they must analyze based on the principles of evidence- based medicine (medical evidence-based medicine). Can only be confirmed by scientific experiments. Don t be fooled byRead More →