There are two processes of high-level nerve activity in human cerebral cortex: excitation and inhibition. “Be afraid of insomnia, want to sleep” is intended to be sleepy, but the thought of “be afraid of insomnia, want to sleep” itself is the excitation process of brain cells. Therefore, the more youRead More →

A lot of things happen in life, will make people’s hearts produce different emotions. Modern people are busy in work and under great pressure in life. Many of the unhappiness in work and life will always touch our negative emotions and make people feel depressed and gloomy. However, the wholeRead More →

Thoughtful, night dreams, many emotions that are not handled during the day will quietly enter the dream. Have you done some common dreams below? On the eve of the speech, I dreamed that the audience would run out of light, and that the manuscript was blown away by the windRead More →