After entering the summer, the heat absorbed from the sunlight during the day is more than the heat lost during the night. The heat in the atmosphere is continuously accumulated. By the summer heat, the accumulated heat reaches its peak, so the summer heat is hot. The summer heat isRead More →

It s heavy snow, we should pay attention to the invasion of wind evil and cold evil, especially the head and feet. This is because the occurrence of some diseases has a lot to do with not paying attention to keeping warm. Chinese medicine believes that the human body sRead More →

Laughing is very physically demanding, and physical exertion causes the brain to naturally produce endorphins. Endorphins not only have analgesic effects, but also help to close interpersonal relationships. Because of this, laughter plays an important role in social life. Being with a friend is more likely to make you laughRead More →

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease is one of the most common diseases during the Spring Festival travel, and the ratio can account for more than one third. According to the incidence statistics, China s January-March Spring Festival is a period of high incidence of Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Doctors said that thisRead More →