The secret of body beautifying method

Not all models are skinny beauties. The most popular tender model now faces Babyfat. Fat round face mirrors are not good-looking. Tightening massage cream + massage tools are a very good method. With simple massage techniques in the morning and evening, it only takes two months. After about half a bottle of massage cream, the face really swells a lot! If you wake up early and find your face loose, you can also use it to massage. However, Babyfat is different from edema in general. To achieve the effect of thinning face, it is necessary to persist.

Two types of rollers can also be used separately: double rollers can be used on the cheeks, and single rollers can be used on the neck chin, around the eyes, forehead and other parts to help circulation.

Models are most afraid of edema on their faces, and they look like big pie faces when taking pictures. To eliminate puffiness in the face, in addition to directly targeting the target, you can also start from the body and discharge the excess water from the body to achieve the effect of swelling. Getting up in the morning to take a hot bath can help a lot of sweat and drainage; drinking black coffee, barley water and a lot of water, will also run to the toilet immediately, and will quickly eliminate edema.

Announce the models that arrive at a few points. Even if you go to bed late and get up early, you must not be tired from work. They have the most experience with the annoying edema, dryness and dullness in the morning! Open now generously

Before applying makeup, do a few minutes of lymphatic massage to remove the old waste material from the skin. It will not be long before the puffiness and dullness on the face will be improved a lot! It s more concise when putting on makeup.

For a massage to eliminate puffiness on the face, first put the massage cream on your hands and rub it, then apply it on your face. Lymphatic massage gestures have a special technique, which is to gently push the belly of your fingers from behind your ears, and then perform lymphatic detoxification along the neck and clavicle.

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