The next stop of the beach when the body beauty is going on

To become a beach baby, weight loss is essential. In a girl s life, many will suffer from orange peel to varying degrees. Cellulite formation is caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, rapid weight loss, excessive alcohol and tobacco , sedentary exercise, coupled with poor circulation, imbalanced diets, and lack of exercise and stress can cause fat. Insufficient consumption and excessive hoarding, resulting in orange peel.

There are many sports you can try, but not every exercise can remove excess fat and cellulite. It is not advisable to do more heavy-weight fitness equipment in the gym, because this kind of muscle exercise does not help eliminate fat, but it will make the existing cellulite more uneven. It is best to do more aerobic exercises that can speed up blood circulation, such as jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, walking stairs, etc., can not only burn fat, but also help make skin tissues firmer.

When bathing, massage the problem area with a massager or hard sponge, and use a massage cream with blood circulation and detoxification effect to improve blood circulation. After bathing, massage the parts that are prone to orange peel, such as the abdomen and legs, in a circular motion, and then pat with the palm from the bottom up. Rhythmic massages and slaps help to speed up the breakdown of fat and shrink fat cells, thereby eliminating cellulite.

It is very important to ensure that you eat regularly three meals a day. This is a diet that is in harmony with the body s natural rhythm. Snacks disrupt the body s natural digestive rhythm.

Avoid excessive salt and alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables. Choose whole starches that your body can slowly absorb, such as noodles and rice. Try to avoid refined starches such as sweets and cakes. Drinking 1 to 2 liters of boiled water a day can help the body expel toxins.

Enriched with pure amber extract to tighten wrinkle complex, firm skin and strengthen skin tissue. A new botanical active ingredient promotes the conversion of cellulite into firm tissue, and the elimination of congested active ingredients helps drain and detoxify the skin.

Caffeine burns fat quickly, reducing excess fat on the arms and hips. Lift skin lines to restore firmness and shape to the arms and hips.

Slimming is the easiest step for many people to care about during skin care, resulting in rough back skin and red spots. When such a back and thigh are exposed, everyone is startled, how can they be the perfect beach baby? At this time you need to review the daily skin care, not even a dead corner, the ankle and back are the most easily overlooked.

If you want to have a beautiful figure that everyone admires, daily cleaning and care are absolutely indispensable. Weekly deep exfoliation and whole body care that promote blood circulation can be DIY by yourself. May use body scrub products to completely remove the hard horny skin, then use the body lotion containing rosemary ingredients to tighten the body s skin, daily maintenance can be easily completed. These daily maintenance may be difficult to do by yourself, you can choose the right time to go to the beauty salon to do exfoliating work .

The skin of your body also needs to remove blemishes. Apart from the skin on the soles of the feet, the back skin is the thickest part of the whole body. Because of this, the circulating metabolic capacity of the back is weak, and fat and waste are more likely to accumulate and form acne. For a perfect back skin, use a deep cleansing film to remove dirt from your pores. In addition, if you are worried about the pores becoming thicker with the cleansing mask, you can sprinkle some astringent water after removing the mask.

Working pressure and environmental problems on weekdays will cause a lot of skin problems on your body. At this time, go home and take a bath, soothing and soothing the nerves that are tight in your daily life. Add some bath salt or lemon or rose in your bathtub., Milk, etc., will make the skin firmer and have a whitening effect.

This body lotion is suitable for summer, but the texture is smooth and spreads smoothly on the surface of the skin. It melts into the skin as if it melted, and it will not bring any burden to the skin in summer. In addition, it can also provide rich nourishment to the whole body s skin. The moisturizing film formed by plant extracts can help isolate your skin from external aggressions, keep away from dry skin and small red spots, and care for every inch of skin.

Is rich in exfoliating particles, and also has a plant fragrance, soothes your mind and gently removes dirt, dust and dead skin cells, and the skin is soft and delicate.

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