Prevention of sleeping in summer

As the saying goes: Spring is sleepy, autumn is scary, and summer is snoring. Summer snoring is also medically called summer burnout. It is because the summer is hot and the temperature is too high, which causes the body to sweat a lot, and potassium is accompanied by sweat. Exhausted in large quantities and not replenished in a timely manner, resulting in burnout, fatigue, and loss of energy.

Samarium potassium is an indispensable element of the human body, and its role is mainly to maintain the normal functions of nerves and muscles. Therefore, once the body is deficient in potassium, not only the energy and physical strength will decrease, but also the heat resistance will decrease. The most prominent manifestation is the weakness of the limbs, and the occurrence of relaxation and paralysis of the neuromuscular system with different degrees, especially the lower limbs, which is most obvious. Potassium deficiency paralysis. In severe cases, it can also cause acid-base imbalance, metabolic disorders, arrhythmias in the human body, and is accompanied by cardiovascular system dysfunction, such as chest tightness, palpitations, and even respiratory muscle paralysis and dyspnea.

But for the elderly, Xia Dao may not be a bad thing. Relevant research believes that the habit of snoring in the elderly is a sign of health. Some elderly people like to take a nap occasionally during the day, and even feel a little better for a few minutes. The elderly usually sleep at night for 5 to 6 hours. Snoring during the day can supplement the lack of sleep at night, refreshing and nourishing the brain. However, the number of snoring should not be too frequent, the time is generally 10 to 15 minutes each time, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep at night.

Dont After the human body sweats a lot, do not drink too much boiled water or sugar water immediately, but drink some fruit juice or sugar salt water to prevent excessive reduction of blood potassium. Proper supplementation of potassium is beneficial to improve the balance of potassium and sodium in the body, which can prevent summer snoring and prevent blood pressure from rising and falling too low.

Potassium can be taken from the daily diet. Foods that contain more potassium include: Buckwheat, corn, sweet potatoes, soybeans and other potassium-containing elements are high in food; bananas have the highest potassium content in fruits; spinach, amaranth, coriander, and canola are the most common vegetables., Cabbage, celery, shallots, garlic, lettuce, potatoes, yam, fresh peas, edamame and other potassium-containing elements are higher.

Although Summer snoring is a physiological phenomenon that often occurs in summer, but it should be treated differently. For students, drivers, and workers in dangerous industries such as aerial work, it is necessary to prevent summer snoring, so as not to affect learning or danger.

Because the old man s heart rate slows down, blood vessels dilate, and blood flow is slow, the blood flowing into various organs is relatively reduced, so it is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. When you wake up, you will feel general fatigue, dizziness, soft legs, and tinnitus. If the number of snoring in the elderly increases significantly during the day, sleepiness is frequent, and they often enter the dreamland unconsciously, they should be alert to the possibility of cerebrovascular disease and should go to the hospital for an early examination. As a precautionary measure, when the elderly person in the family is found to be snoring, the elderly person should be put into a supine position slowly and away from the dangerous environment and objects to avoid accidents.

First, keep enough sleep time to avoid fatigue driving. Go to bed early and get up early, maintain a normal pace of life, avoid too much nightlife, and never entertain overnight.

Do not smoke when driving. The smoke contains nicotine and carbon monoxide. Nicotine has an excitatory effect on the nerves in the early stage and a suppressive effect in the later stages, which gradually reduces people s attention and memory. Carbon monoxide will reduce the ability of red blood cells to supply oxygen normally, causing the body to become sleepy due to hypoxia.

3. Less air-conditioning when driving. Turning on the air conditioner can easily cause insufficient oxygen in the car, leading to hypoxia in the brain and reducing alertness. Perfume with mint and lily fragrance can be placed in the car to help refresh.

24. Long-distance driving must be rested. Generally, you should park your car after 3 to 4 hours. If possible, wash your face with cold water or put a cold towel on your forehead. When you are drowsy, do not drive hard again. Do not refresh yourself with coffee or strong tea. Coffee and strong tea can only bring temporary excitement, but it cannot make you observe the road soberly, make correct responses, and have a short period of excitement This is followed by a sustained state of suppression.

Fifth, catering should be quantitative. Driving on an empty stomach may cause symptoms such as palpitation, weakness in limbs, and drowsiness, which affects driving safety. In addition, drivers are advised not to consume a lot of milk, bananas, lettuce, fatty meat and alcohol-containing foods before driving. Such foods can easily make people feel tired or cause obvious lethargy and fatigue, and have hypnotic effects.

Of course, so as not to affect learning. Many people have this kind of experience. When they go to school, they can easily snore whenever they encounter a class they don t like, especially in summer. There are three preventive measures:

In short, the characteristics of mangos health are to relax the spirit, to go to bed late and get up early, and the diet is easy to clear. For some dangerous industries, summer snoring must be prevented.

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