Key points of health preservation in the season of grain

In the solar term, the temperature rises and the precipitation increases. After the air humidity increases, the sweat in the body cannot be emitted smoothly. Under the hot and humid, people will inevitably feel drowsy and weak. Pay attention to six points at this time, which can help you prevent disease and keep fit.

In some parts of our country, there is a proverb saying: It sa summer solstice, and you need to walk when you are walking; This vividly shows that people are lazy in this season. Summer days and short nights, 30 minutes to 1 hour in the lunch break, help the body relieve fatigue.

After the mango species are hot, the bacteria are more likely to breed. Coupled with the acceleration of human metabolism and sweating, this is a period of high incidence of skin diseases. So is there any way to prevent skin diseases? The easiest way is to change clothes frequently, especially underwear, and it is necessary to change the clothes every day. At the same time, after each bath, you can put some gardenia powder on some wrinkled areas of the skin, which can remove pathogenic bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms on the skin surface, and keep the skin clean and dry, and enhance the skin s resistance.

The temperature of sassafras species increased significantly and the rainfall increased. At this time of the year, the crop grows to maturity and needs abundant water. Similarly, the human body has also entered a period of maximum metabolism. At this time, more water is consumed, and various trace elements are also excreted from the body with sweat. Only by replenishing water can we maintain good metabolism and make up for the needs of the body. In terms of hydration, in addition to daily drinking water, you can also eat more cucumbers, watermelons, lettuce and so on.

After the mango seed is planted, it is hot at noon, and people are prone to sweating. In order to avoid heat stroke, take a bath often after the mango seed to vent the yang fever. Taking bath with medicated bath can best achieve the purpose of fitness and disease prevention. There are many methods of medicated baths. As a health care, immersion baths are the main method. In the mango seed season, Wuzhi Decoction (Guizhi, Huaizhi, Peach Branch, Willow Branch, Hemp Branch ) is best for bathing. First, wrap the same amount of medicine with gauze, add ten times the water of the medicine, soak for 20 minutes, and then cook. After 30 minutes, pour the medicine into the bath water, and then you can soak.

In the season of awning, there are many precipitations, and the changes of cold and warm will be more frequent. Pay attention to the increase and decrease of clothing at any time. Another reason is that the temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted too low in summer. When you go to work or go home from work in the morning, you suddenly enter an environment with a large temperature difference. The body is difficult to adapt and it is easy to cause heat cold. At the same time, rainy and humid, cold and wet easily hurt the body, but also susceptible to rheumatism. In addition, this season, we must prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, but also pay attention to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke, chicken pox, mumps and other diseases.

As the temperature rises, many people will cool themselves by taking frequent baths. However, it is important to note that when you sweat, do not take a bath immediately. There is an old Chinese saying, Sweat does not see wetness. Because after sweating, the blood flowing through the muscles increases and the heart rate increases. If the water in the bath is too hot, it will speed up the blood flow and expand the originally expanded blood vessels and pores. At the same time, it will increase the blood flow of the skin and muscles, making the blood Not enough to supply other important organs such as the heart and brain, causing the body to lack oxygen and appear dizziness and other symptoms.

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