It is suitable to drink more tea and eat more grains

This solar term person has a relatively weak digestive function. It is advisable to eat a diet that can relieve heat and qi, and to quench thirst, and master the principles of low salt, drink more, clear heat and soften.

邈 Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao advocated chang yi light and sweet things, emphasized light diet, and warned people to reduce salt and fat. Eat plenty of grains and don t eat too much hot food.

In summer, the metabolism of the human body is strong, sweat is easy to leak, and it is easy to consume gas, so drink more tea. Teas such as boiling water, traditional light tea. Herbal teas such as mulberry tea (mulberry also known as mulberry fruit, known as folk sacred fruit), mulberry has a sweet and sour taste, slightly cold, and has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, regenerating the intestines, promoting intestinal fluid secretion, and promoting gastrointestinal motility. Black plum tea, black plum acid, astringent, flat, belong to the liver, spleen, lung, large intestine. With the effect of convergence of lungs, Shengjin and so on.

Lycium barbarum heatstroke tea, cover 10 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of mint, 12 grams of schisandra, and 6 grams of chrysanthemum for 10 minutes and suffocate until the taste exudes and drink. This drink can nourish the lungs and rejuvenate, and relieve heat and thirst.

Bitter gourd honey tea, put 15 grams of bitter gourd into the cup, pour into 300 ml boiling water, cover with suffocation for 10 minutes until the taste leaks out, add honey and drink, it has the effect of clearing heat and lowering blood pressure .

Cassia chrysanthemum tea, grind 30 grams of cassia cassia (ie cassia seed), put 12 grams of wild chrysanthemum together in a tea cup, and brew with boiling water for tea. It has the effects of calming the liver and yang, clearing heat, and lowering blood pressure (Cad Cassia, has the effect of lowering blood pressure, diuretic and laxative.

Takino chrysanthemum has obvious antihypertensive effect through animal experiments, which can relieve insomnia, headache, dizziness and other symptoms. The combination of the two can improve the function of clearing heat and lowering blood pressure, and has a significant effect on hypertension and headache).

It is necessary to pay attention to clearing heat for the solar term of the mango species. The poison of summer heat and dampness will affect human health. Eating cold vegetables will help to quench and quench thirst, relieve heat, relieve heat, relieve fire, and detoxify laxatives. Bitter gourd, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, celery, lettuce, asparagus, watercress, cold potato, etc. are excellent choices. In addition, summer is a season when diseases, especially intestinal diseases are more frequent. Eat more garlic , onions, leek, green onions, fragrant Sterile vegetables such as spring onions prevent disease. Fruits such as watermelon are cool and rich in potassium. Tomatoes can also clear heat and detoxify and calm the liver. Pear, because it is fresh, juicy, sweet and sour, is also called natural mineral water and is the best hydrating skin care product. Foods include porridge and pasta, such as mung bean thin.

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