How to protect yourself from diseases

In the solar term, the temperature rises and the precipitation increases. After the air humidity increases, the sweat in the body cannot be emitted smoothly. Under the hot and humid, people will inevitably feel drowsy and weak. In daily life, teach you a few methods of health care and disease prevention.

Doctor reminded that you must keep your spirit relaxed and happy first. Summer days are long and short nights, and lunch breaks can help restore fatigue and benefit health. When the awn is planted, the climate starts to be hot and it is a season that consumes more energy. Pay attention to replenishing water and drinking more water.

After the peony bath mango is planted, it is hot at noon, people sweat easily, and their clothes must be washed and changed frequently. In order to avoid heat stroke, it is necessary to take a bath frequently after seeding, and yang fever is easy to vent.

Dr. Wu reminded, but one thing to note is that when you sweat, dont take a bath immediately. There is an old Chinese saying wet sweat when we see sweat. If wet sweat when we sweat, we have acne.

Taking bath with medicated bath can best achieve the purpose of fitness and disease prevention. There are many methods of medicated baths. As a health care, immersion baths are the main method. In the mango seed season, Wuzhi Decoction (Guizhi, Huaizhi, Peach Branch, Willow Branch, Hemp Branch) is best for bathing. First, wrap the same amount of medicine with gauze, add ten times the water of the medicine, soak for 20 minutes, and then cook. After 30 minutes, pour the medicine into the bath water, and then you can soak.

In terms of diet and nutrition, Sun Sizhen of the Tang Dynasty advocated that everything should be light and sweet, big wheat koji, and japonica rice are better. He also said, good health care people often need to eat less meat and eat more rice.

Dr. Wu reminded that while emphasizing dietary supplements, warn people not to eat too salty or too sweet. In the summer when the body s metabolism is strong, sweat is easy to leak, and gas exhaustion and injury, you should eat a diet that can relieve summer heat and qi, promote health and quench thirst. Elderly people due to reduced body function, reduced digestive juice secretion on hot days, cardio-cerebral vascular sclerosis to varying degrees, should be based on clearing and supplementing, supplemented with Qingshu antipyretic, stomach and spleen, and foods with hypotensive and lipid-lowering functions.

Of Citizens with poor digestion may wish to try solar moxibustion in Mang species. In general, when the seasons alternate between yin and yang, the elderly, chronically ill, and frail people are more likely to get worse or induce new diseases.

Lao TCM said that 24 solar terms can seize the opportunity to cure and recuperate. In the summer, people s pores are open. At this time, the treatment of winter diseases and summer treatment can have a good effect, such as the Futian cream that we are all familiar with.

The “solitary moxibustion” therapy is to choose moxibustion at the corresponding main points on the day of the solar term according to the nature of the disease and the tendency of yin, yang, cold and heat of its own physique, in order to achieve the health effects of preventing and curing diseases and strengthening the body. Best time for digestive diseases.

According to twenty-four solar terms, moxibustion is used to select moxibustion points that have an effect on the functions of the human organs and organs. The moxibustion and warm ironing of acupuncture points are used to stimulate the meridian qi. Ventilate blood, adjust yin and yang, help the body adapt to changes in nature, maximize the potential of the body, and adjust the environment and resist diseases to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

Due to different solar terms, the diseases that are treated and prevented by solar moxibustion are also different. Its indications are respiratory diseases such as cold, asthma, chronic branch, and digestive diseases such as indigestion and chronic colitis.

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