How to keep healthy in summer

With the increase of humidity, the most classic sweltering feeling in summer is coming to us, so we also need to adjust the health method. Considering the natural environment of high temperature, rain, and humidity in summer, it is best for us to make adjustments from various aspects to do basic work for the health of the body. Let s take a look at the issues that need to be paid attention to in summer health, and find more health tips when the solar term comes.

Daily health must adapt to changes throughout the year, so as to receive the best results. In the summer since the mang species, it is also necessary to conform to the laws of nature in terms of mental conditioning. When the seeds are planted , people tend to feel irritable. At this time, it is necessary to adjust their moods, maintain a comfortable and cheerful, broad-minded, and calm. In this season when all things are flourishing, plants are lush, and fruits are being nurtured , don t be overjoyed, angry or depressed. Summer is easy to get into the heart. Summer is the season for raising your heart. Keep your mood peaceful and peaceful. Especially the elderly need to consciously recuperate in order to avoid sadness and injury. The ventilator can be unblocked and ventilated freely, so as to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular accident caused by violent mood fluctuations.

Good sleep habits are also the focus of summer health. If you don t pay attention, you will hurt your vitality. Mang species should lie up at night and get up early, never tired of the sun , that is, they should go to bed early and get up early, and receive the sun appropriately, in order to conform to the characteristics of the fullness of the natural yang, which is conducive to the operation of human blood. Of course, the sun is strong in summer. Avoid direct sunlight and pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

In summer, the days are longer, and sleep is easily disturbed. At this time, proper nap is very good for the body. The siesta time is generally half an hour to one hour. For unconditional siesta, you can listen to music or close your eyes for 30 to 50 minutes at noon. From the point of view of noon flow, noon, that is, 11 am to 1 pm, is the time when the Heart Sutra is ordered, and the heart must be quiet and sweat is the fluid of the heart. Therefore, sweating at noon is the most likely to be sad. The five elements in the summer also correspond to the heart, so a nap in the summer is even more important.

The rise in temperature will increase our perspiration, so we must pay attention to adjust it. After the mang species, the weather is hot and people sweat easily, so the clothes must be washed and changed frequently. You should also take a bath frequently to make the skin loose, and yang fever is easy to vent, so as to prevent heatstroke and cool down. But pay attention to three points: First, do not take a bath immediately when sweating. Because sweat breaks away, moisture invades sweat holes, obstructs airways, protects Qi from being depressed, and conflicts with skin, which is prone to acne or pimple. The second is not to take a cold bath. Because the pores of the human body are wide open in hot weather, cold water will close the pores, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. Third, the elderly should not take a long bath every day, not more than half an hour at a time. Because bathing also consumes physical energy, the elderly need to do what they can.

The steady state of the body is inseparable from the balance of ions. In the mang species season, the climate is getting hotter and the body sweats more and more, and a large amount of sweat is secreted, causing electrolytes such as potassium and sodium to be lost. If water and electrolytes are not replenished in a timely manner, people will feel tired and fatigued. At this time, it is best to drink warm boiled water or light salt water to supplement the body s lost water and electrolytes . For those who sweat a lot after exercise, you can choose sports drinks or electrolyte fluids, electrolyte effervescent tablets, and other components that contain electrolytes and saline. In summer, you need to pay attention to hydrolyzing thirst: you should not wait until thirsty before drinking water, because when you feel thirsty, it means that the body has slightly dehydrated. Do not drink a lot of water before or after meals. Excessive intake of water will affect digestion, and it is not recomm ended to drink water immediately. It is best to drink water within 0.5 ~ 1 hour before and after meals. Water and electrolytes are also lost during sleep. You should add enough water during the day and drink about 1/4 cup of water before going to bed. It is not appropriate to take frozen drinks such as frozen fruit juices, sorbets and other cold foods as babies to relieve heat and reduce heat. In fact, these cold drinks are likely to consume Yin fluid, damage the spleen and stomach, and to relieve heat and heat, it is better to use warm water or juice at room temperature. The sour taste can accumulate sweat, relieve diarrhea, and promote hydration. Some sour fruits can relieve heat and qi, promote hydration, and quench thirst. Therefore, proper drinking of plum juice, hawthorn juice, lemonade, etc. can prevent exhaustion and yin caused by excessive sweating.

It may be hard to suffer in summer, which is also valid in the theory of Chinese medicine. In the Five Flavors in summer, it corresponds to bitterness, and it is the main source of the heart. Therefore, most bitter foods have the functions of clearing heat and relieving heat and relieving heat and nourishing yin., Lettuce, etc. are of great benefit to the human body.

In addition to suffering, there is still a lot of knowledge in summer health diet. Health care dynasties of all ages have respected Xia March diet should be clear. In the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao suggested that good health keepers must eat less meat and eat more food. Dan Dan Lun by Zhu Danxi of the Yuan Dynasty said: Eat less meat, eat more amaranth fruits, and naturally blend the flavor. Both are advocating that the summer diet should be less nutritious and more vegetarian , and should eat more fruits, vegetables and cereals. Among the fruits and vegetables, the melon family is especially respected, such as bitter gourd, green melon, winter gourd, loofah, papaya, watermelon, and melon. Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty believed that porridge was the best diet in summer. Mung beans, lotus seeds, lotus leaves, reed roots, and lentils can be added to rice to cook porridge. After cooling, eating can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and relieve heat. Barley red bean congee clears he at and strengthens the spleen, moisturizes and nourishes the liver, and winter melon congee porridge supplements the stomach and invigorate the troubles.

As the last solar term before the summer solstice, the mango species is the season when the summer air is continually gathered and the yang is flourishing. We must not relax the work of nourishing yang, so as to avoid leaving unavoidable damage to health.

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