Does breast augmentation affect lactation?

A full breast can highlight the charm of a woman, and it can also look particularly mature. Therefore, many women who are not full of breasts want to have full and straight breasts, so they want to achieve breast augmentation as soon as possible. So , does breast augmentation affect breastfeeding? Let s take a look at the following answer.

Does breast augmentation affect breastfeeding? At present, the two commonly used breast augmentation methods are prosthetic implant augmentation and autologous fat transplantation and breast augmentation. Prosthetic implant augmentation refers to the implantation of a prosthesis into the chest through surgery to achieve the effect of erecting and bulging the breast; autologous fat breast augmentation is to inject excess fat from other parts of the breast and inject it to the bottom of the breast to increase breast volume A surgery. As long as a regular medical cosmetic institution is selected, neither of these two breast augmentation methods will affect women s future breastfeeding.

Does breast augmentation affect breastfeeding? When breast implants are augmented, the specific placement of the implant is based on the individual s physical condition, but it is generally located under the breast tissue or under the pectoralis major muscle. The axillary incision is also through the areola or the inferior crease incision, which will not damage the breast tissue. The autologous fat transplantation breast augmentation method is to extract the fat from the waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts of the body, and purify the fat particles and inject them into the breast glands. The posterior space also avoids breast tissue. Both methods will not affect the normal milk discharge of lactating women.

In addition, the secretion of milk during pregnancy is affected by prolactin. The secretion of prolactin is controlled by the central nervous system and endocrine system of the body, and has nothing to do with the breast prosthesis and the injected autologous fat. Therefore, no matter which breast augmentation is selected Methods: From the point of milk secretion and excretion, breast augmentation does not affect women s normal breastfeeding.

Generally speaking, prosthetic breast augmentation requires only one operation and lasts longer, and autologous fat injection transplantation may require two or more surgeries; prosthetic breast augmentation may produce a tissue rejection reaction and feel less than autologous fat injection breast augmentation However, their fat injection breast augmentation is only suitable for those who have more fat, such as waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. In addition, each method has its own indications and contraindications. Those who seek beauty should be under the guidance of a doctor. Make a reasonable choice .

Does breast augmentation affect breastfeeding? After the introduction above, you already know it. Prosthetic breast augmentation will not affect breastfeeding, and it will also prevent breast diseases. You can safely choose a prosthetic breast augmentation surgery at a regular plastic surgery hospital, and you will have a full and sexy breast after surgery.

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