What should be paid attention to in breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is the best choice to change women s flat breasts. Breast augmentation surgery can make the breasts plump quickly and make women more feminine. So what should women pay attention to, and several aspects of women s breast augmentation.

Autologous Fat Breast Augmentation: This is a cosmetic surgery performed at the same time as liposuction and breast augmentation. The liposuction reduces the fat particles sucked from the abdomen, waist, hips, and legs that are partially accumulated by fat and injected into the breast. To make it plump up. Its advantages are simplicity, safety, small wound, fast recovery, no incision, and no surgical scar. But the fat particles will be absorbed, and multiple transplants are needed to achieve the desired effect.

Prosthetic breast augmentation: The use of highly safe prosthetic materials, without any toxic and side effects, good biocompatibility, can remain in the human body for a long time, in case of other circumstances, the materials can be completely removed. Generally small breasts, atrophy and sagging are suitable for prosthesis implantation, and the shaping effect is quite ideal. The breasts have the perfect effect of natural appearance, realistic hand feel, fullness and uprightness, without affecting fertility and breastfeeding, and high surgical satisfaction..

This is a very important question for any subject. Including whether the source of the material meets the national requirements; whether the material has corresponding test data, at least the test data currently available in China. Is there any quality guarantee in case of material failure ? Secondly, the shape and size of the breast prosthesis are selected to meet the specific conditions of the subject, such as height, chest shape, width and width of the chest, waist, hip size, and actual conditions of the breast, etc. Factor requirements.

Whether she (he) is a professional cosmetic orthopedic surgeon and whether the breast augmentation program is basically consistent with domestically recognized programs, such as the choice of incisions, the placement of prostheses, and the postoperative treatment are reasonable. In case of bleeding, infection , etc., the actual treatment capacity is available.

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