Is breast augmentation safe? What should we pay attention to

Breast augmentation surgery has been in our lives for a long time, and the technology is relatively complete. No doubt this has also helped many female compatriots to make them have a bumpy figure, but there are also many female friends who have concerns. Even though I am very anticipating, I still cannot make up my mind to undergo surgery. Is breast augmentation safe in the end? What should we pay attention to? Let s take a look together.

In the past few years, we have frequently heard examples of plastic surgery failures. Of course, we often hear the saying that as long as it is surgery, there are risks. It is believed that many women are filled with fear, even Although they expect it. There are many methods for breast augmentation, the most common of which are: silicon capsule prosthesis implantation, autogenous dermal-fat tissue fascial flap free transplantation, pedicled dermal-fat flap filling implantation, latissimus dorsi-dermis composite tissue island Flap implantation, dermal fat muscle flap transfer of rectus abdominis, etc.

These procedures are very common, the most common of which is the implantation of silicon capsule prostheses. This is because autogenous breast augmentation generally does not achieve the desired effect, and it takes 2 to 3 times for repair. This has a great impact on the heart and time of women. Silicone implantation can be completed in a short time. And achieve the desired results with less risk.

This problem is the key to breast enhancement. To avoid serious consequences, pre-operative maintenance and post-operative care are very important. The following aspects should be guaranteed:

1. Follow the doctor s advice and take the medicine on time. After breast augmentation surgery, the chest usually has pain and bruises, but the degree is not the same. The pain usually lasts about two to three days. It can be controlled according to the doctor s instructions and the bruises will be about Subside in one to two weeks.

2. Avoid fatigue and pay attention to rest. You can work as usual after the fifth to seven days after the operation, but you should prevent lifting your arms and lifting heavy objects in the first week after the operation. You should prevent the use of steam baths and swimming for two weeks. Only available on weekdays.

3. Pay attention to wearing underwear. In order to preserve our image, we must go out in underwear. However, a bust with iron wires cannot be worn within six months after operation to prevent deformation of the chest and the occurrence of capsular twinning ( capsular fibrosis). And sexual behavior should be avoided within two weeks after surgery, so as not to hurt the breast.

In addition to the above-mentioned Is breast augmentation safe, what to pay attention to, female friends after surgery should pay more attention to their own changes, whether there are symptoms of physical discomfort within two weeks after surgery, if they should see a doctor immediately, at the same time Pay attention to cleaning yourself and changing clothes frequently to avoid other infections.

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