How to prevent breast mass after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation can help women regain confidence, but everything is two-sided. While breast augmentation displays beautiful curves, there are also some shortcomings. Let s take a closer look.

Introduction Plastic experts say that the effective way to prevent this from happening is to continue to massage correctly. It is good for the chest to perform massage after breast augmentation. Generally, starting from 6 to 7 days after surgery, 2-3 times a day , each time for more than 5 minutes, persisting for more than 3 months can effectively prevent breasts from becoming hard.

In China s regular hospitals, injecting some drugs into the surgical cavity during the operation generally can also reduce the occurrence of capsule contractures. Compared with Western races, Chinese women have a lower rate of breast augmentation after breast augmentation. Therefore, silicone breast implants are more suitable for Chinese women. Even so, Chinese women also need to take good care of their breasts, take regular care, massage them daily, and prevent the appearance of lumps.

During breast augmentation surgery, the silicone breast implant is placed in the doctor s well-separated cavity, and the position is relatively fixed. The key to fix the position of the prosthesis in the early postoperative period is to wear a suitable bra under the guidance of the doctor after breast augmentation. About fifteen days later, the fibrous envelope tissue around the prosthesis has initially formed, and its position will generally not change. Therefore, female friends do not have to worry too much, breast augmentation surgery is very safe .

Generally, the shape and feel of the breast after three months of breast augmentation are basically fixed, but you must return to the hospital in a timely manner every six months. Don t be alarmed when the breasts are swollen, painful, and hard. .

Breast augmentation surgery is now very common. The techniques of plastic surgeons, breast augmentation itself are very mature, and breast augmentation materials are also very advanced. Plastic surgery experts suggest that as long as everyone goes to a regular plastic surgery hospital, beauty lovers will definitely be able to Having a pair of healthy and beautiful breasts.

Within one week after the operation, the position should be fixed according to the requirements of the doctor. Chest massage and maintenance should be performed in a professional manner within one month, but the pectoralis major muscle extension exercise cannot be performed. After one month, gentle exercises like yoga can be performed for 3 months. A chest massage of more than one month can speed up the recovery of soft breasts after surgery, and also make the breast shape more beautiful.

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