Effect and function of pilose antler

Deer antler, also known as the dragon ball, is the young horn of the stag deer stag that is not ossified and densely hairy. It is the top three treasures in Changbai Mountain. When the stag s tender horns do not grow into hard bones , they are hairy and contain blood. Is a valuable Chinese medicine, used as a tonic and strengthening agent, has a curative effect on weakness, neurasthenia and so on.

Strong Zhuang Yuanyang, nourishing qi and blood, benefiting the essence, strong bones. Treatment of fatigue and thinness, mental fatigue, dizziness, deafness, dark eyes, waist and knee aches, impotence, slippery sperm; uterine weakness, collapse, leakage, and removal.

② Don t record : treatment of toxins such as malaria, thin skin, sore limbs, lumbar pain, small convenience, spermatorrhea, drowning, bleeding in the abdomen, loose stones, bloated, fever in bones

On the Nature of Medicine: The main supplement is the deficiency of coldness in the waist and kidneys, weakness of the feet and knees, dream-making, spontaneous overflow, bleeding from a woman s collapse, and a hollow cup of warm wine. Under the main red vaginal discharge, used for casual use.

Roe deer antler can enhance the tension of the parasympathetic nerve endings, promote the recovery of the nervous system and improve the function of the nervous and muscular systems, and also have an excitatory effect on the sympathetic nerves.

Large doses of velvet antler can lower blood pressure, reduce the amplitude of contraction of the heart, slow down the heart rate, and dilate peripheral blood vessels. The medium dose can cause the cardiac contraction to significantly increase, the contraction amplitude becomes larger, and the heart rate increases, thereby increasing the cardiac output; velvet antler has a particularly significant effect on the tired heart.

Roe deer antler extract can increase both plasma testosterone concentration and luteinizing hormone (LH) concentration. Therefore, pilose antler is effective in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in adolescence and prostate atrophy in the senile and old age; it has a good effect in treating menopausal disorders in women.

Roe deer antler has strong anti-fatigue effect, can enhance cold resistance, accelerate wound healing and stimulate adrenal function. Therefore, velvet antler is a traditional tonic, which is used to strengthen, tonify the kidney, and to benefit the sun.

Roe deer antler can increase the hemoglobin in the blood, so it is very effective for the treatment of massive bleeding and patients with end-stage infection, especially for the elderly.

Deer antler is beneficial to women and children. It contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other inorganic elements that participate in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and various enzymes in the body. It promotes calcium absorption, bone growth, and enhances heart and muscle functions . Have a positive effect. Magnesium ions, in particular, have complex functions and are essential for longevity. This has a good therapeutic effect on women due to uterine cold infertility, irregular menstruation, dysplasia in children, tooth growth retardation caused by insufficient kidney qi. , cardiac incompatibility, and osteomalacia. It is worth noting that patients with high blood pressure, nephritis, hepatitis, and patients with yin deficiency, fire, and hyperactivity of liver yang, as suggested by Chinese medicine, should not be taken.

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