Does breast augmentation need autogenous fat or prosthesis?

Facing the dual choice of prosthetic breast augmentation and autologous fat injection breast augmentation, women who want breast augmentation are also confused: breast augmentation, is autologous fat or prosthesis good? Don t worry, let s look at the comparison between the two:

Simply put, autologous fat injection breast augmentation is to extract excess fat from other parts of the body, and then to cleanse, filter and other purification steps, and then inject the fat into the breast. The advantages are as follows:

The autologous fat breast augmentation is completely derived from its own tissues, transferring women s worrying eyes and fats to the breasts, which achieves the waste utilization of resources to the greatest extent.

After using prosthetic breast augmentation, the shape of the breast is too stiff. Some women with congenital breast deformities or breast cancer who have cut off part of their breasts and cannot use the prosthesis can use autologous fat to repair the breast.

But autologous fat breast augmentation requires you to have a sufficient source of fat; if the doctor who gives you the operation is inexperienced, a large number of concentrated injections at one time, the transplanted adipose tissue cannot get sufficient blood supply, and it is prone to complications such as infection, fat liquefaction and necrosis, etc. Autologous fat will be absorbed by the body and weakened the breast augmentation effect, so multiple injections are generally required.

Prosthetic breast augmentation is a method of implanting a shaped artificial prosthesis into the body (usually the posterior pectoralis major muscle space) to increase the volume of the breast. Its advantages are as follows:

In terms of surgical indications, prosthetic breast augmentation is suitable for almost all women who need to enlarge their breasts, such as breast dysplasia, breast atrophy after birth or weight loss, mild breast sagging, etc.

If you choose a high-quality prosthesis, it only takes one operation pain. You can almost enjoy the satisfaction of a beautiful breast in a lifetime, and by choosing different specifications and models, women can achieve the ideal visual effect to the greatest extent.

But an indisputable fact is that the breast feels less than autologous fat after breast implant augmentation. Because breast implant augmentation involves incisions, the trauma is more likely to cause infections and hematomas; prosthetic breast augmentation is prone to envelope contractures; false Scars will inevitably occur after breast augmentation, and scars cannot be completely eliminated but can only be minimized.

In short, prosthetic breast augmentation and autologous fat breast augmentation have their own advantages and disadvantages, and your own conditions, your expectations for surgery and other factors jointly affect which method you ultimately choose. At present, BRAVA, a medical device that can be used in conjunction with autologous fat transplantation, can solve the long-standing disadvantages of autologous fat transplantation to a large extent. It has been unanimously recommended by many domestic top three hospitals such as the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Approved. For women who do not want to be at risk and want to achieve better breast enhancement results, will BRAVA be a new choice? let us wait and see …

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