Contraindications of breast augmentation

The chest is of great significance to women. It is not only an important way to show the charm of women, but also bears the responsibility of breastfeeding babies. The world has called for and advocated more than once on caring for women s health and breast health. There are many women who are dissatisfied with their breasts in real life. If you want to change the size of your breasts, breast augmentation is the best solution. For every woman who wants breast augmentation, the following 10 taboos for breast augmentation are aspects that must be understood.

According to surveys, having a pair of beautiful breasts is the dream of every girl. Congenital unsatisfactory girls are all curious about breast augmentation. However, for ordinary girls, it is only known that breast augmentation is a quick way to make breasts full. In addition, the specific details of breast augmentation are completely confused. Breast augmentation is not suitable for everyone, here are 10 taboos about breast augmentation.

Milk From the areola, sub-breast incision is an outdated breast augmentation method. A qualified plastic surgeon must make an incision under the armpit, and the incision must not exceed 3 cm.

The maxillary breast augmentation can only increase 330 ml on each side. The physician should accurately calculate the limit based on the patient s height, weight, chest circumference, and pregnancy history for patient reference.

The first brand of breast enhancement materials has three specifications: high, medium, and low. Professional plastic surgeons should choose the specifications of breast enhancement materials with patients according to the width of the shoulders of the patient, the thickness of the chest, and the height of the areola.

Some physicians use ultra-low prices or excessive advertisements to attract consumers with unknown conditions, without using professional anesthesiologists, and using cheap means to deduct anesthesia budgets and increase their profits.

The price of high-quality materials is at least more than twice the price of inferior materials. Not only the price difference, but also the inferior products will leak; some doctors show the first brand s factory certificate to the patient, and after the patient is anesthetized, the charge is better Seriously infringes on the interests of consumers.

After Anesthesia, before the operation, a hemostat should be placed on the chest to control the bleeding during breast augmentation surgery to a minimum, but some doctors do not give a hemostat to the patient, causing excessive bleeding.

When the breast augmentation is completed, some doctors will install a drainage tube on the patient s chest to say that it will lead to the accumulation of blood, which will help to reduce swelling;.

Some doctors use a meat thread to sew the incision without suture stitching; however, according to statistics, the physique of Westerners uses a meat thread to sew incisions, and the traces are not obvious, but the Eastern people are very obvious. Therefore, it is stipulated that the thinnest surgical suture must be used Under the incision, it is safe and perfect to disassemble in 7 days.

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