Will breast augmentation affect breast-feeding

Although breast augmentation can shape a perfect pair of breasts and show the unique charm of women, Does breastfeeding affect breastfeeding? Is the most worrying issue for many unmarried and infertile women before considering breast augmentation. If breastfeeding is lost due to breast augmentation Opportunities may regret many women for life. Plastic surgery experts point out that under normal circumstances, breast augmentation does not affect breastfeeding, but only if the breast tissue is not damaged.

During a breast augmentation visit, the doctor will ask about the size of the breast desired by the person seeking the beauty, as well as questions about the breast that the person seeking beauty considers important. This will help the doctor understand your expectations and determine the reality of those expectations. If you are going to lose weight, tell your doctor, they can determine the size of the breast augmentation prosthesis based on your stable weight; if you are planning to become pregnant recently, you should tell the doctor, the doctor will determine your surgical situation according to your requirements and actual situation.

Breast augmentation is generally implanted with implants. Doctors choose breast implants with appropriate volume, width, and bulging slope based on factors such as the patient s age, occupation, wide and narrow thorax shape, fat body shape, height, and individual aesthetics. The choice of the implantation position is very important. The incision for breast augmentation is generally selected in a more concealed position. The currently used surgical incisions are mostly around the areola and the axillary incision.

Prosthesis implantation methods generally include: posterior breast space implantation, which is a breast prosthesis placed under the pectoralis major breast tissue, simple surgery, small damage, appearance and touch are natural; pectoralis major muscle The implantation of the breast prosthesis into the deep pectoralis major muscle can reduce the chance of prosthetic damage and fibrous cystic contracture, with less bleeding and easy separation. These two parts were chosen to implant the prosthesis because they are located behind the mammary gland and can protect the mammary gland from the prosthesis. Even after giving birth, it generally does not affect women s breastfeeding. Because the secretion of milk is affected by prolactin, the secretion of prolactin is controlled by the central nervous system and the endocrine system. It has nothing to do with the prosthesis, and the milk excretion does not pass through the prosthesis. Therefore, breastfeeding will not be affected after breast augmentation.

Experts remind that when breast augmentation, you must choose the appropriate technique according to your situation. At present, the safe breast augmentation techniques mainly include the following:

One is breast augmentation. Although the technology of prosthetic breast augmentation is mature, those seeking beauty must choose a regular hospital, and they must also be careful in choosing a prosthesis. The doctor s skills are also very important.

The second is autologous fat breast augmentation. Absorb fat from other parts of your body, and special treatment, select excellent fat particles into the breast to achieve breast enhancement. The fat cells implanted in the breast pass through the initial plasma nutrition phase and, under the action of biological factors in the body, reestablish the blood supply connection with the surrounding tissues to achieve the goal of complete survival. During this process, partially inactivated fat cells are absorbed by surrounding tissues.

Thirty-three is endoscopic micro-foundation breast augmentation. It grafts advanced minimally invasive endoscope technology into breast augmentation and perfectly integrates the eastern aesthetics. Under this type of surgery, a safe cavity system is peeled off in the posterior space of the breast, and then a prosthesis is implanted into the cavity system, so as to achieve three-dimensional breast enhancement safely.

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