What are the effects of longan meat

Longan meat is rich in glucose, sucrose, and protein, and has a high iron content. It can increase heat energy and supplement nutrients, while promoting hemoglobin regeneration to supplement blood. Experimental studies have found that in addition to its beneficial effects on the whole body, longan meat is particularly beneficial to brain cells and can enhance memory and eliminate fatigue.

Longan meat contains a large amount of iron, potassium and other elements, which can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin to treat palpitations, palpitation, insomnia, and forgetfulness caused by anemia. Longan contains up to 2.5 mg (100 g) of niacin, which can be used to treat dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, and even mental disorders caused by niacin deficiency.

Longan meat contains more iron and vitamins, which can reduce uterine contractions and sagging sensations. It is beneficial to the development of pregnant women and fetuses with accelerated metabolism, and has a fertility effect.

Experiments show that longan meat inhibits certain types of tumors by more than 90%, and has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer cells. Oral crude longan extract is given orally to cancer patients, and the symptoms are improved by 90%, and the life extension effect is about 80%.

Longan meat can lower blood lipids and increase coronary blood flow. It has a strong inhibitory effect on flavin protein, brain B-type monoamine oxidase (MAO-B), which is closely related to the aging process.

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