FAQ of breast augmentation operation

Every woman wants to have a full and sexy breast. I want to have such a sexy breast to make herself more attractive and attractive. Therefore, many women with poor breast development have chosen breast augmentation surgery to improve it. Then, three common problems of breast augmentation surgery Which ones? Next, let s take a look at the specific answers from experts.

As a classic cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is mostly for healthy people, so there are no obvious contraindications. First of all, make sure that after adulthood (generally 18 years old), physical development has been completed, and then there must be no psychological obstacles or serious physical diseases. If you do not have the above problems, you can safely undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is suitable for: congenital mammary dysplasia; breast atrophy after breastfeeding or with mild breast sagging; breast abscess after breast surgery; or people with congenital breast deformity can also be treated by breast augmentation surgery Correction and treatment.

Sacral surgery generally involves making a small incision in the armpit, areola, or under the breast, and then burying the prosthesis selected before the operation under the pectoralis major muscle. After the breast shape and position are satisfactory, the incision is compressed and bandaged. At present, the underarm incision is generally recognized, not only because the incision of the incision is very good, the prosthesis directly enters the space under the pectoralis major muscle through the armpit, and does not touch the breast tissue, so there will be no trace of breastfeeding in the future. influences.

Breast augmentation surgery can be combined with intravenous anesthesia to avoid the fear of the subject under local anesthesia. The combined application of epidural anesthesia for analgesia, the well-known anesthesia method used during cesarean delivery, is smooth and safe. Even people who are more sensitive to pain will not experience significant pain after receiving strong painkillers after surgery.

After looking at the three common questions about breast augmentation surgery, have you got a concrete understanding of breast augmentation surgery? Breast augmentation surgery is the current safe and fast breast augmentation, and the effect is particularly realistic and natural, so you can choose the formal beauty that is capable Hospital, through breast augmentation surgery, you can have plump and sexy breasts.

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