Do you know the benefits of sleeping naked?

According to research, one-third of a person s life is spent sleeping, so do you choose to sleep in pajamas? Or do you sleep naked and comfortable? Maybe it sa habit. People dont choose to sleep naked, but after reading the benefits of naked sleep introduced below, you may change this habit. Let s take a look below:

Traditional Chinese traditional health promotion advocates gentleness and gentleness. There is always a heart of the child. The heart of the child refers to the innocence, openness, and open-mindedness of a child born like a young child. This is also the basis for a healthy body and mind. Therefore, when choosing to sleep naked, the most important thing is to relax completely psychologically, first of all, to be able to face your body freely and openly.

Naked sleep has an unrestrained sense of freedom. Clinical studies have shown that it has a fairly obvious effect on the treatment of tension disorders, and it is also effective on men s sexual dysfunction due to anxiety and tension. For married life, the naked body is the best stimulus to arouse sexual desire.

The Chinese are more conservative in their husband and wife life. Many male sexual dysfunctions are caused by psychological tension and inferiority, and they are related to each other s evaluation of each other s physical and sexual abilities. Couples who have established a naked sleeping habit are more open to each other s body, more open to sex, and men are more likely to take the initiative in sex. At the same time, it is also more psychologically conducive to reducing the gap and disagreement between couples, increasing the chance of close contact, and being more tolerant and appreciative of each other, which is conducive to maintaining the relationship between husband and wife.

Of course, you should also pay attention to naked sleeping. Good sanitary habits are the key. Do not treat quilt sheets as close-fitting pajamas without changing. The choice of bedding and quilt texture should also be paid attention to. It is better to use soft, comfortable and breathable fabrics to avoid irritation to the skin and affect sleep. In addition, if you have a urogenital infection, you should not sleep naked.

Many people find it embarrassing to sleep naked in the beginning. In fact, comfort is a human instinct. As long as it is for comfort and health, it is reasonable to dress and undress.

Modern people have a fast pace of life, and daily sleep has become an important part of restoring physical fitness and ensuring health. After a busy day, undressing and sleeping are conducive to the circulation of qi and blood, so that the yang energy in the body can stretch and reach. If you sleep with clothes, especially wearing some fashionable tight underwear, it may affect the qi and blood circulation and suppress yang energy. It is even less beneficial for sexual function.

Underpants are too tight, which will increase the temperature of the scrotum, cause sperm production and developmental disorders, and reduce male sexual abilities. At the same time, tight underwear will also cause strong friction and compression of the genitals, leading to abnormal erectile function , frequent nocturnal emission, affecting blood Circulation and normal ejaculation. Sleeping naked can reduce the temperature of the testes, sperm becomes more lively, and sexual desire naturally increases.

Liyang is full of vitality and blood, and young and middle-aged youth, as well as male friends with thick thighs and fat bodies, often wake up and find that the private parts such as the groin and inner thighs sweat more. Underwear absorbs sweat and secretions during sleep. Moist and air-impermeable parts are prone to breeding bacteria. Over time, it can cause moist heat to gather and cause itching and itching.

In the summer, wet underwear is more likely to increase the chance of pathogens entering the urethral opening, and even cause infection of organs of the urinary system and reproductive system. Choosing to sleep naked can avoid the above problems, enhance the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, help excretion and heat dissipation of the skin, avoid itching and discomfort.

Have you changed your mind? Going to sleep naked in the future? Warm reminder, the benefits of naked sleep are many, but men must sleep naked on a clean bed, so as not to adversely affect their health.

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