You need to go to bed early and get up early.

Every year from March 5th to 6th is the third solar term of the year-startled, startled is awakened; 蛰 means dormant, refers to various animals that hibernate. In other words, on this day, the hibernating animals will be awakened. Why? Because from now on, Spring Thunder begins to ring. Of course, this is just a phenomenon, but it is not spring thunder that really wakes the animals, but the rising temperature and the soil begins to thaw. At this time, the farmers began spring ploughing, and the spring of the grass long warbler flying has fully arrived.

However, in the north of China, the weather is still cold, and in general, the temperature is rising. And people should be in line with the weather to better maintain their bodies. Starting today, Spring Thunder is rolling and raining. We should adjust from all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transportation.

As the saying goes: Spring must cover. In fact, the main thing is before and after panic, because during this time, the temperature has risen significantly, people often have the illusion that summer is not far away, especially at noon, the temperature is very high, many people Finally, he got rid of his thick coat and immediately felt light as a swallow. The breeze blew his face and was very comfortable.

However, this is early spring, after all, the temperature is not stable, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It is easy to catch a cold if you take off your coat too soon. Some women also particularly like to wear skirts, which are easily affected by wind and cold, and the knee joint is a place that lacks fat protection. It will be cold for a long time and easily cause arthritis. Therefore, covering spring makes sense.

From the startle, the temperature has risen markedly. At the same time people feel the climate is pleasant, the hibernating animals also feel the warmth of spring. However, various microorganisms have also begun to stirst and multiply in large numbers. Therefore, Although people feel good, they must pay attention to this period is also a high incidence of infectious diseases.

In this case, we must take good care of our body. The so-called righteousness is within the spirit, and evil cannot be done. As long as the righteousness of the body is sufficient, these viruses and bacteria can hardly capture our health.

People take food as the sky, not only for fullness, but more importantly for the body to operate normally and orderly through diet. A healthy diet should be light and nutritious, and you can eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is necessary to consume more foods rich in vitamin C, such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach, orange, pomegranate, etc., because vitamin C can help improve the body s immunity, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.

Before and after the shock, although the temperature has increased, the air humidity has not increased significantly, and people still feel dry and susceptible to fire. Therefore, folks are surprised at the custom of eating pears, because pears have the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat. In fact, it s not just shock. During this time, you should eat more pears to prevent exogenous cough.

As soon as spring arrives, people often suffer from spring sleepiness, and it is easy to feel sleepy and weak. If you sleep, you will become more lazy and sleepier. Therefore, the only way to fight against springfall is to not always sleep.

Spring is the season when everything grows up. You can go to bed early and get up early. You can take a walk in the park before going to work. You can do simple morning exercises and breathe fresh air. You can also store more yang energy under the sun. It can also be strengthened, but it can be more spiritual.

In winter, people want to go out to exercise, but they are cold and cold, but exercise is not successful, but they are more likely to catch colds. Now that spring is here, the exercise should be on the agenda.

Needless to say more about the benefits of physical exercise, but I want to remind everyone that morning and evening exercise, do not carry out with fullness, because the stomach is digesting food at this time, if exercise, blood circulation will speed up and pores will open up. The blood that originally digested food in the stomach and intestines will be distributed to the surface of the body, which will cause indigestion and easily cause stomach sagging.

Every year, when the twenty-four solar terms are shocked, it means that the temperature will start to rise significantly, and there will be spring thunder and rain, and not only will everything start to germinate, but many microorganisms will start to multiply in large numbers, making it easy to infect people with bacteria and viruses. It can be said that panic is the beginning of the epidemic-prone season. People should pay more attention to clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. Don t take off your clothes at will, eat more light food, go to bed early, get up early, prevent sleepiness, go out to exercise, and maintain your body from all aspects.

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