Teach you how to get rid of mites

Mites are like an invisible killer. They are eroding your health all the time. In the face of mite troubles, they teach you Clean and Sun-Freeze to remove mites.

Itchy nose while sleeping, sneezing straight when changing bed sheets, sneezing again and again when sorting clothes, and itchy as soon as sitting on the sofa … these may be the ghosts of mites. March will not be exposed in March, and millions of mites will accompany you to sleep. Mites are like an invisible killer, eroding your health all the time.

Experts said that the suitable living environment of mites is very similar to humans, so it is almost ubiquitous. Grains, cotton, fur, and even air conditioners are all hiding places, especially in the hot and humid climate from June to September each year, and the mites are more rampant.

Chigger mites are tiny animals that are invisible to the naked eye. They are suitable for living in a dark environment at about 25 ° C, humidity of 55% to 75%, and feeding on human dander. It has a strong ability to reproduce, which is also an important reason for the endless mites. When the human body is exposed to mites, the light ones will cause acne and rough skin, and the serious ones will cause hair loss, rash, allergic rhinitis, asthma and other diseases.

Experts emphasize that most people have mites allergies, but dont take it seriously or mistake it for a cold, which is a common misunderstanding. When nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, cough, or itchy skin appear, there are obviously triggering factors, such as cleaning, turning on the air conditioner, cleaning up the old closet, and contact with dust. Symptoms appear repeatedly without fever and systemic poisoning symptoms, summer or night Symptoms worsen, we must be careful of mite allergies, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check the allergens in time, about 80% of patients can be cured.

To remove mites, you must first ensure that the room and clothing are dry and hygienic, often ventilated, and do not place flowers and grass in the bedroom. People with allergies are better not to use carpets and fabric sofas.

Secondly, the sheets must be washed frequently with hot water. Generally, the mites will be killed in hot water at 55 ° C for 5 minutes, or they can be washed with hot water at 25 ° C or higher for 5 minutes. In addition to mites.

Once again, when the sun is full from 11 to 14 o clock, the bedding will be exposed to the sun. Not only do mites have their own killing power , but their bodies and excreta are also important culprits in inducing allergies. Therefore, they must hit the quilt with the wind after the sun to shake off their bodies.

Finally, plush or cloth toys can be put in sealed bags and placed in the freezer layer of the refrigerator. Generally, the mites will be frozen to death within 24 hours at minus 17 ° C ~ minus 20 ° C. It should be reminded that they must be cleaned and removed after freezing. Mite.

In addition, there are some mite killing tricks circulating on the Internet, such as cleaning sofas and mattresses with disinfectants. Experts say this method, although effective, is not recommended because the disinfectant itself may cause some allergic reactions. It is also suggested to dry the bedding with black plastic bags. This method is theoretically feasible, but it does not guarantee the effect. It also needs to ensure that the plastic bags are clean and hygienic.

In recent years, an artifact called a mite remover has also emerged, claiming that it can completely dust and sterilize all corners of the mattress. In this regard, experts said that experiments have shown that the impurities adsorbed by the mite remover are not significantly different from ordinary vacuum cleaners. The mite-removing machine has a dust-removing effect. As for the mite-removing effect, it is not satisfactory, so it is not recommended to rely on it to remove dust-mites.

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