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[Introduction] You are a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone admires. However, there is an inexplicable and embarrassing cloud surrounding the bed. You love him deeply and try to do it every time Better, but always less than satisfactory . Actually perfect sex is right next to you, the key is whether you really

You are a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone admires. However, in the bed, there is an embarrassing and awkward cloud surrounding you. You love him deeply and try to do better every time. But it was always unsatisfactory. In fact, perfect sex is right next to you. The key is whether you really pay attention to it and focus on operating it.

Wondering what are the secrets of sex among women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s? How do they use love and ability to cultivate love for this blooming rose? Let us hear what they say.

Nana: It was a business trip home. It was very late at home. My husband was already asleep. I went to bed softly for fear of waking him up. I did not expect that my husband just hugged me from behind. Maybe it s been a long time, maybe the hug was too warm. I feel warm and beautiful like never before. Since that day, I have a new familiarity with sex.

Falling in love: The beginning of the day seems to be no different from usual. My husband gently stroked my body and suddenly felt like an electric shock. Maybe it is the so-called G spot. I feel very relaxed and have a very strong A sense of demand, it feels really wonderful.

Xiaoxia: It was a party at a friend s house. The friends were all singing in the living room. My husband and I quietly hid in the bathroom. The air seemed to freeze in the small space. My husband kissed the sweat on my face. I Inner desires erupted. Someone was walking back and forth between the two doors, but the more dangerous it was, the more exciting it felt.

Nana: I like my husband to gently stroke his hands and lips, slowly moving on me, I can feel my body is gradually heating, and even hear the sound of heartbeat.

Falling in love: We will take some drinks and fruits to bed, and eat some innocent colored jokes, sometimes even female and male.

Nana: The environment is really important. I can t stand flirting in a dirty place. Romantic surroundings are best with dim lights, soft music and large beds.

Wu Xiaoxia: It has an impact. The most romantic place in my dream is a large white bed, strewn with rose petals, and the air is filled with a faint fragrance.

Nana: I have used oscillators and luminous condoms. The effect of the oscillator is more amazing and exciting than I expected. Luminous condoms are very interesting, flashing in the dark, but I heard that it is not good for the body, do not use it often.

I fell in love: I bought a set of sexy lingerie, red, rhinestones, and long feathers. The soft touch of clothes can provoke her husband s wild original desire.

Nana: In the bathroom, two people take a bath together, and you can put aside all the shackles. I also have a private recipe, which is to use the shower spray. The gentle stimulation of the water will make you reach the peak of excitement soon.

I love falling in love: I like to be in the car. The low roar of the engine stimulates the heart and nerves of the person, produces excitement, the regular vibration of the body, is similar to the rhythm of sex, and makes people imaginative …

Wu Xiaoxia: The beach, the white sandy beach and the blue water as the background, waves of white waves hit the rocks. The sound of the waves is so pleasant. It played the best music for us and relieved the accumulated pressure for a long time.

Nana: Perfect sex is achieved by two people together. A man who loves himself and also loves himself. With the right time, place and environment, he can perform the perfect sex.

Fall in love with each other: Unconditional love for each other. The husband must take care of his wife wholeheartedly, so that the wife feels secure, and the wife must also trust and care for the husband, not suspicion. Both are only in the case of love and love Sex can be happy.

I fell in love: I once saw a news about how much fat can be burned in a single life. Since then, every time I want to, I will stroke his face and say: I must burn calories today.

Wu Xiaoxia: I don t have too much time when I take the initiative. I think if there is enough tacit understanding between the husband and wife, maybe there is no need to say it directly, he will understand a few simple actions.

Nana: Of course it will. We will discuss it through games and treat what I want to say as part of the game, so I never worry about hurting his self.

I fall in love: I will tell him directly, but I pay attention to the way of speaking and tone, do not let the husband feel that he is a failure, men are very respectful in this regard.

Perfect sex can completely melt a woman, make her open from the soul, feel love, and remember it in her heart. Perfect sex allows women to get the maximum requirements and satisfaction in the passion of love and being loved.

Perfect sex can explode a man s hidden sense of accomplishment. Men can taste the fruits of their hard work in the most primitive and direct way, perfect sex. Through the satisfaction of a woman, a man can feel that she is so grateful for her mark and love.

Perfect sex is a great gift from God to those who strive to create love. It has huge powers that can keep us close. To achieve the perfection of sex, it is not enough to rely on instincts and habits alone. As long as you are willing to understand and master perfect sex and make small changes to it, the situation will be completely changed.

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