Inventory of health effects of bracken: refreshing, clearing away heat, promoting blood circulation

Bracken is also known as auspicious dish, dragon claw dish. Whenever snow and ice melt and the spring returns to the earth, it is the golden season of fern mining.

The bracken is crispy and tender, smooth and gluten-free, and has a sweet fragrance. Home-made can be stir-fried, fried, marinated, and made into stuffed buns. The culinary world cherishes bracken. Because of its green color and beautiful shape, it can make cool and hot dishes with various colors and aromas. It is rich in mountain village flavor and full of fragrance, which makes people covet. With the hands of famous chefs, you can also make many delicious dishes, such as Shangzhi meat, fried meat bracken, clam bracken, sea rice bracken, etc., are all popular treasures. Japan s Kushiyaki is a well-known fern vegetable.

The fern is rich in nutrition and has the effects of refreshing, degreasing and digestion. Therefore, people call fern the king of wild vegetables and snow fruit mountain treasure.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fern is sweet and cold, and has the effects of clearing heat, dampening and swelling, soothing, activating blood, and analgesics. It can be used to treat fever, dysentery, jaundice, and increased leucorrhea. Blood pressure medication .

Treatment of diarrhea, 30 grams of bracken root, decoction, dregs, serving twice morning and evening. Fern root can also be used to grind powder, mix thoroughly with cold water, add brown sugar, and boil water.

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