Home lady loses 20 pounds in 5 months

I have been a fat body since I was a kid. I peaked at 58 kg. I have tried various ways to lose weight, drink weight loss tea, take weight loss pills, apply slimming cream, and I have the courage to try every new product. But because I am more greedy and belong to the category of no flesh and blood, every weight loss plan ends in failure.

I was so determined that I would rather die than lose weight! Start by controlling your diet. I drink a large box of yogurt every morning; I use the food division method at noon. When I really want to eat meat, I do n t eat rice and other staple foods. I dont eat at night and I drink water when I m hungry. Of course, it cannot be a beverage. After 3 weeks, I gradually adapted to this diet and no longer wanted to eat crazy. Without any exercise, I lost 10 pounds in two months.

Although I did not relax my requirements for this amazing achievement and still insisted on diet control, in the following month, I entered the bottleneck of weight loss. So I started to run for more than 40 minutes every day, and then boarded the bike two hundred times before going to bed at night, and my legs were obviously thinner. Due to increased exercise, I started to eat the right amount of fruit in the evening to maintain my strength. After two more months, I successfully reached the standard weight of 49 kg. Now I have practiced Shebin again, hoping that I can achieve my ultimate ideal in the near future.

1. Dividing method is to try to eat protein foods and starch foods separately during meals, that is to say, eat meat and eat vegetables without eating, eat and eat vegetables without eating meat. Because of the body s digestive system, the time to digest these two foods is different. It takes 6 to 8 hours to break down protein and 3 to 4 hours to break down starch. If you always mix protein with starch, your stomach will To secrete different gastric enzymes, it is difficult to digest the two components separately. If you start ingesting food before digestion is complete, it will not only increase the burden on the digestive system, but also allow incompletely digested food to accumulate in the body, gradually transforming into the presence of fat, leading to obesity . Using the food division method with high-fiber foods (such as vegetables, tofu, fruits, etc.) and water will naturally clear the body waste and accelerate the effect of weight loss.

2. It takes more than 30 minutes for each exercise to achieve weight loss. To choose a low-intensity, long-term aerobic exercise, because the lipase activity of the human body that catalyzes lipolysis generally starts to increase after 20 minutes of exercise. If the exercise time is only 30 minutes, then the time to break down fat for energy is only 10 In about minutes, fat consumption is very limited.

3. When your weight is close to normal weight, the speed of weight loss will slow down or stop, entering a period of weight loss stagnation. At this stage, you need to make adjustments to your weight loss plan to motivate your body to continue losing weight, such as eating more fiber-rich foods, doing more exercise, and eating less starchy foods. However, lack of starch intake will reduce endurance, so it is still necessary to ensure a certain amount of starch intake every day after the concentrated weight loss period.

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