Health Qigong helps your waist strong keys

First, stand side by side, relax your whole body, and make a fist (square fist) with both hands on the waist side, looking forward. Then, as you inhale, lift your abdomen and abdomen, stretch your chest and stretch your body , turn your body to the left. At the same time, your left fist becomes a palm with the left arm inwardly extended and lifted up. You can see the left palm; Rotate the body to the right and swing forward to the upper right front of the body, straighten the left arm, and look at the left palm; keep, the left palm is in front of the right shoulder (the back of the thumb and the side of the index finger sticks to the right shoulder), bend your elbows and raise your eyes Yu Guang looked at the left palm. Next, as you exhale, loosen your abdomen, flex your right side of your upper body, and straighten your legs. At the same time, your left palm moves slightly with your left arm and moves down along your right leg, raising your head slightly; keep your body to the left At the same time, at the same time, the left palm was transported with the left arm through the instep and transported to the left ankle. It looked like a boot, and looked up slightly. Then, as you inhale, lift the anus and abdomen . At the same time, the left palm rotates with the left arm and fists, and lifts up with the upper body to the left knee joint, raising the head slightly. Finally, with exhalation, the abdomen is loosened, the upper body is straight up, and at the same time, the left fist is closed on the waist side, the fist heart is facing up, the middle punch point is pulled out of the labor palace, and the eyes are looking straight ahead.

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