Teach you how to detoxify and support World No Tobacco Day

May 31st each year is World No Tobacco Day, and May 31st 2015 is the 28th World No Tobacco Day initiated by the World Health Organization. There are many dangers of smoking. Smoking can cause various brain diseases such as paralysis, mental decline and stroke. Smoking can also cause throat cancer, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease. Smoking mainly causes lung cancer, and 90% of total lung cancer mortality is caused by smoking. Not only is active smoking harmful to the human body, passive smoking, commonly known as smoke smoking, also causes serious harm to the human body. In addition to irritating the eyes, nose, and throat of non-smokers, smoking secondhand smoke also significantly increases the chances of non-smokers suffering from lung cancer and heart disease, which seriously harms people s health.

Wash the ribs, wash and peel the carrots, wash the corn and cut into sections. Boil boiling water in the pot, spare ribs and water, use a spoon to remove the water droplets from the water surface, and then serve the ribs. Add cold water again, lower carrots, corn, ribs, boil over low heat, cook for about an hour, add a little salt and peanut oil before cooking, and serve.

Tremella and wolfberry foam in advance, 荸荠 wash and peel and cut into half for later use. Add enough water into the pot, put the white fungus into the pot, boil over high heat and simmer for half an hour, add 荸荠 and rock sugar and continue to cook for 30 minutes until the white fungus becomes thick. Add the soaked wolfberry two minutes before the fire. edible.

Of course, the antidote recipe can only alleviate certain health problems brought about by smoking, and cannot really solve the problem or play a therapeutic role. The real reduction of smoking diseases must start from the root. We don t just quit smoking for ourselves , but also for the friends and family around us. Refuse to smoke, start with me.

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