Sedentary people do 3 more small moves every day, so you gain a lot of benefits

Sedentary people are prone to gain weight on their lower limbs, and they sit dry after eating a full meal, and food is quickly absorbed and converted into fat. Standing against the wall is a very good posture. Although it is a static posture, it requires a certain amount of physical strength to maintain for a long time, so the heat will be consumed and the fat accumulation can be reduced. This method should pay attention to the back of the head, back, hips, legs, etc. must be close to the wall, with both legs standing side by side, maintain for 5-15 minutes, in order to achieve the desired results. In addition, after standing, the muscles may be stiff, you can do a few minutes of walking and exercise more muscles.

Ballet dancers practice tiptoes when they practice basic skills, but people may also do more tiptoes in life. Tipping the toes can fully stimulate the veins of the feet, promote blood circulation throughout the body, provide good oxygen to the heart muscle, protect cardiovascular health , and exercise calf muscles and ankles. For people who are sedentary, if they sit for a long time, their legs will feel stiff and weak. At this time, more lame actions can relieve this stiffness and help to thin the calf. Tiptoes can be done while walking or while sitting. Keep the posture for 10 seconds and then repeat the action. Do it about 30 times a day.

Flat support is a popular fitness posture in recent years. Many people practice this position to exercise the vest line. In fact, it has many more functions. First of all, this action can consume the entire body s physical energy, and it can exercise the muscles of the abdomen, legs, back, and buttocks very well, and it has a good effect on the weight loss of the abdomen. At the same time, the support of the human body requires the neck of the human body to be straight and tilted forward, and the coordination of the back is required, so it has a certain effect on preventing cervical spondylosis and back injuries. For those who are sedentary and worried about obesity and cervical spondylosis, it may be better to stick to the flat support every day, usually 1 group per minute, and 4 groups per day.

For many office workers, sedentary has become a habit. People who used to be tired from travelling around envied those who sat indoors to work, but now many people find it hard to sit for a long time. Sitting for a long time will also pose a certain threat to the body. There are several aspects:

1. Obesity: First of all, people who are sedentary do not have a moderate exercise intensity, and the energy in the body is not well consumed, and they are accumulated into fat. In addition, digestive function will also become slow and constipation may easily occur. At the same time as weight gain, it also increases the risk of various chronic diseases.

2. Spondylosis: Sitting all day long, maintaining a posture for a long time, the cervical spine is easy to stiff; at the same time, because the weight of the whole body will be pressed on the lower end of the spine, spinal diseases are prone to occur, and severe spinal cord deformation Or bone hyperplasia.

In addition, when female friends are sedentary, their private parts are in a relatively humid environment, which is prone to breed a variety of bacteria, and also makes the blood circulation at the pelvic cavity unsmooth, which can easily induce gynecological diseases. Sedentary men are prone to compress the bladder and cause prostatitis. Therefore, sedentary people must face up to their health threats, do more exercise, and drive away from sub-health.

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