Sedentary is prone to computer thrombosis, and 4 actions can often prevent it

  People who have been focusing on the computer for a long time, because they are in a state of high tension or concentration, will not notice any discomfort in the lower limbs, and will not consciously move the lower limbs, which will cause long-term compression of the veins of the lower limbs, eventually forming computer thrombosis, Which is what we often call lower limb venous thrombosis.

  Many modern people work with computers for a long time. Eventually, computer-related diseases such as mouse hand cervical spondylosis and dry eye disease have become popular. In addition, there is also a very dangerous disease that is also related to the computer, which can be serious or even fatal. This is computer thrombosis, which is commonly called medically as lower extremity venous thrombosis.

  Computer Thrombosis is formed by people sitting and operating against a computer for a long time. Because they are in a state of high tension or concentration, they will not notice any discomfort in the lower limbs, nor will they consciously move the lower limbs , making the lower limb veins prolonged. Under pressure. In addition, the lower limbs are far away from the heart, sitting in front of the computer for a long time to maintain the posture of immobilization, slowing down the venous blood return of the lower limbs, prone to blood stasis, and sometimes even in a state of almost rest, so it is easy to induce venous thrombosis.

  The computer The early manifestations of Computer Thrombosis are symptoms of unexplained leg and stomach pain, swelling, local fever, walking pain, and even the inability to walk. If computer thrombosis is not treated in time, it can cause venous occlusion of the lower limbs and destruction of venous valves. Deep venous embolism can cause clots to accumulate in the lungs and induce pulmonary embolism, which can be life-threatening in severe cases.

  The left leg naturally bends, bend down and gently massage the calf belly 10 to 15 times with your left hand, repeating with your right foot in turn. Can effectively promote blood circulation in the legs.

  Sit up, place your heels on the ground as close to the ankle as possible, and use the heel as a fulcrum to drive the foot up and down. Move closer to the ankles as you move up. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

  Sit up, hold your left knee with both hands, rotate the foot with the ankle as the fulcrum 5 to 10 times to the left, 5 to 10 times to the right, and repeat the same action with your right foot.

  In addition, computer thrombosis is a disease caused by long-term focus and sedentary. It is recommended that high-risk occupational groups such as white-collar workers and drivers should be prevented. In addition to doing the above 4 actions often, it is best to stand up and move around for a while to avoid lower limb venous thrombosis.

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