Psychopsychiatric obesity

The occurrence of obesity is multifactorial. Eating habits and overeating are important reasons. Most people with an introverted, quiet, and insufficient exercise have the possibility of obesity. It was found that 74% of obese patients increased their food intake during mood swings, while non-obese people ate less during psychological disorders. In addition, an important psychological change is that as obese people gain weight, their activities gradually decrease, resulting in a vicious cycle.

The clinical observation statistics of Soviet medical scholar Dr. V. Liukov showed that the main cause of excess energy in most obese people is less physical activity, do not like to engage in sports activities, and often lie in bed. Interestingly, the more the The longer obesity lies in bed, the more they sleep, they lie down, read a book, or eat. As soon as Egypt leaves the bed, there is very little activity time. Once there is a place to sit, they or they sit down, and they love reading at the desk in the office or classroom … In a word, they are lazy and want to lie down or sit down whenever they get the chance.

What s more interesting is that most of the obese people who are prone to lying or sitting like to eat sweet or spicy flavors-ginger, garlic and shallots. It should be noted that these spicy products can greatly increase the secretion of digestive juices of obese people, which promotes the appetite. In addition, the sugar content in sweets is more likely to cause excess energy and increase obesity.

According to clinical observations and research results, Soviet scholars suggested that for some obese people, for their health and longevity, lying down should be strictly restricted for obese people, so that they must change from lying down and sit greedy. Habit. To this end , the family should actively guide them to engage in a variety of activities, such as swimming, cycling, outings, skiing … because these activities can prevent the movement of the supporting organs. In addition, they should be restricted from eating sweets or spicy products.

Soviet scholars pointed out that experiments show that obese people lying on the bed? As the interest in engaging in sports increases, the time spent lying on the bed will decrease proportionally. After three months to six months, the effect of weight loss is obvious.

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