Can myopia perform double eyelid surgery?

Plastic surgery experts say that myopia does not affect double eyelid surgery. The main operation of double eyelid surgery is between the surface of the skin and the dermis, and it is possible to touch the levator muscle at most. The short-sighted eye is mainly the relationship between the eyeball and the retina. Therefore, it is impossible to touch these places during double eyelid surgery, so it is impossible to talk about the impact.

Plastic experts say that glasses cannot be worn immediately after double eyelid surgery. This will affect the effect of the surgery. Because the glasses will overpress the eyes, it is best not to wear them immediately. When can they be worn? It is best to wait until recovery after surgery. After double eyelid surgery, ice, hot compresses are needed to help reduce swelling. Generally, it can be recovered in 5-7 days, and scars will not be seen after 3 months to 6 months.

Experts remind me that myopia does not affect double eyelids. Double eyelids are the most common plastic surgery and the most mature and classic plastic surgery. Patients do not need to worry about it, and the price of double eyelid surgery is very cheap. Yes, double eyelid surgery has really made plastic surgery accessible to ordinary people s homes.

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