Watch out for these habits that will make you fat

Are you also distressed, you are already working hard on dieting, but the numbers on the scales are still moving upwards? In fact, the small habits you haven t noticed in life may make you eat more without knowing it. Efforts to control abstinence are also lost. Here are a few bad habits that can cause you to overeat unknowingly.

According to a study by Cornell University, people who use large bowls of ice cream eat 31% more than those who use small bowls. Therefore, changing small plates and small bowls is a good way to regulate appetite. The principle of the cup is the same. The slender cup has less drinks than the wide and short cup, but it can cause the same satiety.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to pass the information from the digestive tract to the brain to produce a feeling of fullness. Therefore, slowing down the eating speed can also reduce food intake. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pointed out that eating while watching TV or listening to the radio can make people unknowingly eat too much. Eating with friends and having fun chatting may also make you eat more than 20% of your food.

Brighten the light so that each dish can be seen clearly; don t take the bones first, this can help the brain determine how much has been eaten. Cornell University scientists calculated the amount of spicy chicken wings eaten by the audience watching the football match and found that if the waiter cleared the chicken bones immediately, everyone would eat 28% more.

The increase in the number of plates will also induce people to eat more. Researchers divided 3 large bowls of dried fruit into 12 small bowls and placed them on the table for guests to pick up. As a result, each person ate nearly 20% more .

Make the uneaten and eaten foods clearly visible, and increase the difficulty of taking food at the same time. The two principles of clear visibility and difficult to eat are effective ways to combat eating and getting fat.

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