The startling health regimen

March 5 is a surprise, the third solar term of the year. The startle is when the weather turns warm after the beginning of spring, the spring thunder begins, and the insects dormant in the soil are awakened. At this time, the eggs of the overwintering period also start to ovulate, which shows that the startle is a reflection of natural phenology. A solar term. But what really made the hibernating animals unearthed was not the thunderous sound, but the temperature in the earth when the temperature rose to a certain level.

In the horror season, many places are already the season when the peach blossoms are red, the willows are green, the yellow warbler tweets, and the swallows fly, and most areas have entered the spring cultivation season.

Expert reminder: Exercise is a good choice for everyone. For example, proper activities in the morning can stimulate the rise of yang in the body, but you should warm up before exercising.

大 Excessive sweating during exercise is a drain on the body s yang, so when you exercise, you can reach a slight sweat. High-intensity vigorous exercise will cause loss of the human body, which will adversely affect the body s Yang Yang and growth. Therefore, the spring exercise should not be too intense, it needs to be gradual.

A spring walk can relieve fatigue and help your health. When walking, you can cooperate with rubbing your hands, rubbing your chest and abdomen, thumping your back, and patting your whole body, which will help the body to clear blood and develop yang.

Spring is a great time for kite flying. Kite flying is also a traditional folk sport in China. It has a history of more than two thousand years, and it has the functions of strengthening the body, preventing and curing diseases.

Seasonal movements to relieve spring difficulties, kite flying outdoors in spring can not only strengthen the body, promote human blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, but also breathe fresh air outdoors, and discharge the turbid gas that has accumulated in the body for a winter. Health experts are highly recommended for good health exercises in the spring.

When flying a kite, people feel comfortable and happy, and can relax the cerebral cortex and cerebrovascular vessels in a state of tension and rest the cerebral cortex. Therefore, it has a therapeutic effect on neurasthenia and insomnia. At the same time, it also helps to relieve eye fatigue, because when flying a kite, looking at the kite in various ways, it can regulate eye muscles and nerves, eliminate eye fatigue, achieve the purpose of protecting and enhancing vision, and is extremely effective in preventing and treating myopia , presbyopia, and optic nerve atrophy. advantageous.

The kite flying in the spring season can often maintain the muscle tension of the cervical spine and spine, maintain the elasticity of the ligaments and the flexibility of the vertebral joints, enhance bone metabolism, and strengthen the compensation function of the cervical spine and spine. Prevents vertebra and ligament degradation.

In addition, because you have to look up when flying a kite, you should choose a flat site, because during the kite flying, people often go backwards, and their attention is concentrated in the air. Special attention needs to be paid to prevent tripping and injuries; Also pay attention to the relationship between the wind direction and the sun, and pay attention to prevent sun damage to the eyes.

Scared in the season, you should pay attention to lifting your kite when you are flying the kite. You should not raise your head for too long. It will easily cause neck and shoulder muscle tension, fatigue, and aggravate the disease. The elderly should adjust the length of time involved in sports according to their physical conditions, and they should also fully move the neck before exercising. At the same time, those who have insufficient blood supply to the vertebral artery should try to avoid turning their heads abruptly to prevent cerebrovascular accidents due to insufficient blood supply to the vertebral artery.

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