The coming of the heat to protect the stomach and intestines

The high temperature in Guangzhou in recent days has made the emergency room of the hospital lively, and many of them have diarrhea. Most of the patients are acute diarrhea caused by improper diet or unclean diet. Gastroenterologists remind the public to note that rising temperatures, large numbers of bacteria multiply, and eating a lot of cold food and cold drinks, often in air-conditioned rooms, are the causes of diarrhea. After entering the heat, be careful to protect your stomach.

People have the saying that it is difficult to buy June diarrhea. Many people think that a small problem in the stomach in June is not a big deal. It is a good thing to have a diarrhea and a fire. In fact, this kind of thinking is a misunderstanding. Thousands of gold is difficult to buy June diarrhea was originally a traditional Chinese medicine. For the hot summer in June (Lunar calendar), the temperature rises, the human body sweats more, it is easy to build up internal heat, and cause constipation. This phenomenon proposes a method of draining internal heat and maintaining smooth stool. Here diarrhea should be understood as unblocking and unblocking, not diarrhea.

Therefore, in the hot summer, drink plenty of water, eat more fiber-rich green leafy vegetables and fruits, enhance bowel movements and increase bowel volume, and reduce constipation is the best policy. Of course, on hot June days, we should be more alert to the occurrence of diarrhea.

Bacteria and mold are easy to grow and reproduce in hot weather, and improperly preserved food is easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and deteriorated. When the disease is introduced from the mouth, it can easily lead to bacterial food poisoning and acute infectious enteritis and acute diarrhea.

Li Chujun, director of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that acute diarrhea has an acute onset, increased defecation frequency and stool volume, thin stools, and even pus and blood, and can be discharged more than 10 times a day. It is often accompanied by abdominal snoring, abdominal pain, severe anxiety (ie, anal slump, incomplete defecation), and severe cases may have fever, vomiting, dehydration, and shock.

For the elderly and children, we must pay more attention to avoid the occurrence of acute diarrhea, because these two groups of people are weak in resistance, and diarrhea several times may cause dehydration. Experts point out that in the hot summer, you must pay attention to your diet. Try not to eat too many cold foods and avoid eating moldy foods; wash and peel the fruits before eating; do not eat or eat less meals, and take away food Cook thoroughly; handle raw and cooked food separately.

Pull Cause diarrhea and diarrhea are common, parents of some patients or children often disapprove of it and feel that it is enough to go to a pharmacy to buy some medicine. In fact, this approach is not appropriate, Li Chujun believes, there are many causes of acute diarrhea, and there are many types of pathogens. Some are less toxic, and diarrhea is not a problem for several times, but some are very toxic. For example, enteritis caused by 0157 hemorrhagic E. coli can be fatal due to serious complications; toxic bacterial dysentery can easily cause circulatory failure and encephalopathy in elderly and young children; cholera is a severe infectious disease that can cause The patient died of vomiting and dehydration.

In addition, many patients often use antidiarrheal drugs or a large number of antibacterial drugs when they use diarrhea on their own. Director Li believes that diarrhea has more than three times, pus and blood in stool or red blood cells and white blood cells in stool, and it is not appropriate to use antidiarrheal drugs when accompanied by fever. Although antidiarrheal drugs can be used to temporarily stop diarrhea, the cause is not After eradication, pathogenic bacteria cannot be excreted from the body, they still remain in the intestine and continue to produce large amounts of toxins, and systemic symptoms such as high fever may cause more serious consequences.

Therefore, patients with acute diarrhea should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. The doctor will know the medical history in detail, and if necessary, perform routine stool tests and bacterial culture tests or blood tests to check the cause.

In addition to weather and dietary reasons, some people will be diarrhea when they are nervous. For example, some children begin to have symptoms of diarrhea as soon as they are tested. Experts believe that this may be related to irritable bowel syndrome .

Director Li explained that irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic functional diarrhea disease. Patients have abdominal pain, bloating, loose stools, diarrhea, and sometimes constipation and loose stools appear alternately. Examination will reveal that there is no bacterial infection or other lesions. This situation accounts for about 30% of the total in the digestive tract clinics in the summer.

Nowadays, the disease is spreading among office workers and college and high school students. Experts point out that that cause of irritable bowel syndrome is not clear. It is generally believed that the recurrence of diarrhea is related to brain fatigue, mental depression, anxiety, etc., plus stimulants such as excessive cold food and poor sleep. Emotional organs. For irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea is only a palace. Consciously adjust your emotions, relax your mind, adjust your eating habits and lifestyle, and improve your mood to calm the intestines and reduce the symptoms of diarrhea.

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