Teach you two recipes for stovepipe

The biggest annoyance of office women is that their legs become thicker after sitting for a long time. Thick legs do have a certain effect on women s appearance. How should MM skinny legs? In fact, stovepipe is easy to say and easy to say , but it is also difficult. Let s take a look at the recipe for stovepipe. …

The Stoutness caused by high-intensity physical exercise, such as squats, long jumps, weightlifting and other explosive items, can easily make the calf muscles thicker and withstand high-intensity training. Therefore, high-intensity athletes generally have very thick calves.

The Stiffness caused by factors such as life habits, such as the habit of walking with your feet on your feet, taking high items, and other bad living postures will cause your calves to be thick.

The operation method of thin salty thin legs is very simple. The principle of thin salty thin legs is that according to the role of coarse salt in sweating, it can expel excess water in the body, promote skin metabolism, and eliminate waste in the body .

Coarse salt and thin legs Usage: Before taking a bath every day, take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water and mix it into a paste. Apply it to the body so that it will not fall off, and then apply it to areas you want to lose weight, such as the abdomen, Around the arms, thighs, and after standing for about ten minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water. You can also do some massage first, then rinse off with water, and then start bathing.

If you have sensitive skin and cannot use ordinary coarse salt, you can buy a finer bath salt to use. Coarse salt and thin legs are suitable for people who don t like sports, and usually take effect within one to two weeks.

Apply Apply lipolysis gel to the thighs and the joints between thighs and hips. Apply elastic bandages after applying. Apply cold liquid and remove the elastic bandage after about 45 minutes.

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