Teach you how to prepare a medicated bath

The medicated bath must be familiar to everyone. Medicinal bath is a good choice for health care and disease prevention. Soaked in the medicinal solution, the toxins in the human body are discharged through the action of warm water and drugs, and at the same time , the skin can absorb the drugs in the water to prevent diseases. We often see in film and television dramas that after the male and female protagonists are poisoned, the famous doctors in the world let them take a medicinal bath, and after a lot of sweat, they are poisoned. Let s take a look at how to prepare medicated baths, medicated baths, and traditional Chinese medicine used in medicated baths.

This method is based on the warming power of the bath water and the efficacy of the drug itself, so that the whole body is cleared and cleared, the hair is opened, and sweating and fever are relieved, wind and dehumidification are warmed, warming and dispersing cold, dredge the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, and eliminate qi and blood. Swelling and pain, Quyu Shengxin and other effects.

Pay attention to keep warm when bathing, avoid cold and hair, and dry the skin immediately after bathing. In the winter and autumn seasons, pay special attention to the bath area should be warm and sheltered from the wind. Old Lao Heng Yan states that: after the bath, when the wind is clear, the wind is susceptible, and the wind is susceptible, and the hair is cold and hot only in the fur, which has a long history of infestation, so you should avoid the wind , especially after the bath …

Do not take a bath within 30 minutes before or after meals. Taking a bath on an empty stomach is prone to hypoglycemia and collapses. Bathing after a full meal, the whole body s surface blood vessels are stimulated and expanded by hot water, and internal organs and blood such as the gastrointestinal tract are mobilized and dispersed to the surface of the body. The blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract is reduced, at the same time, gastric acid secretion is reduced, and the digestive organs are reduced. Reduced function , affecting food digestion and absorption.

This method is based on the combined effect of heat and drugs, penetrates directly into local skin management, and exerts heat clearing and detoxification, swelling and dehumidification, wind and insecticide, itching, promoting blood circulation, softening horny, and removing saprophytic muscles to achieve Purpose of treatment.

Pour the Chinese herbal bath into the clean and disinfected washbasin. When the temperature of the bath is suitable, wash your hair, wash your hair, and wash your face. The bath method has a significant effect on facial skin beauty and hair care, and also has a treatment effect on head and face diseases. The precautions are as follows: when bathing and washing the face, pay attention to avoiding wind and cold, and also pay attention to preventing wind after bathing. It should be used with caution for skin inflammation with obvious acute inflammatory exudation on the face.

After filtering the decoction, rinse the affected eyes. When washing the eyes, you can use sterilized gauze or cotton balls to rinse the eyes continuously; you can also use a disinfected eye cup to hold half a cup of liquid medicine, and then bow your head to make the eye cup and the eye socket edge. Hold your eyes tightly, then raise your head, and blink frequently, take eye baths 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes each time. Clinically, it is often smoked first and then washed. In addition to the direct action of drugs on the eyes, this method achieves the effects of dredging the meridians, reducing redness and swelling, and tears and itching, as well as the warmth of the liquid, which makes the eyes Qi and blood flow. When using this method, pay attention to the temperature of the medicinal solution should not be too high to avoid burns. The lotion must be filtered to prevent the drug residue from entering the eyes. At the same time, all utensils, gauze, cotton balls and fingers must be disinfected, especially those with dark traps. It is more necessary to be careful when using the washing method; those who have fresh bleeding in the eyes or suffer from sore, should not use this method.

The therapy is a method of treating skin care often used clinically. In addition to treating skin diseases and soft tissue damage, hand bathing also has skin care and health care functions. The beauty of the hand is clean, delicate and moisturizing. Taking a moderate bath will not only clean the skin, but also prevent skin aging. Use warm water instead of cold water for bathing your feet. Wipe dry after washing or soaking. The bathing of the extremities should be determined according to the affected part, and the amount of medicinal solution should be determined. The bathing methods can be immersed, rinsed or bathed in half body. If treating ringworm skin diseases, you can soak the medicine in vinegar, or add vinegar after decoction to make a medicine solution for bathing. For the treatment of jock itch, the concentration of the eluent should not be too high.

Is a method of treating soup with medicine and placing it in a basin, allowing the patient to sit in a bath, and immersing the medicinal solution directly into the anus or genitals to treat certain diseases. It can make the medicinal solution directly act on the diseased part for a long time, and use the heat to promote the absorption of the skin and mucous membranes, thereby exerting the effects of clearing heat and dehumidifying, killing insects and itching, promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, and astringent solids. The temperature of the medicinal soup should be appropriate. It should not be too hot when sitting in the bath, so as not to burn the skin or mucous membranes, and not too cold, so as to avoid adverse irritation. Generally, 40 ° C-50 ° C is suitable. For those with perianal abscesses who have had abscesses, they should first be opened and drained by surgery before using sitz bath therapy.

In short, when applying a medicated bath, in addition to identifying the drug, drugs that are irritating or corrosive to the skin should not be used. If you are allergic to the drug during the bath, you should stop bathing immediately. Children, the elderly, and patients with severe illnesses should be taken care of during bathing to avoid burns and cold. Various bathing methods should pay attention to avoiding wind and cold during bathing, in order to prevent the new diseases from feeling the evil of wind and cold.

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