Coffee Half Body Bath Breaks down fat and reduces appetite

Drinking coffee in your spare time is a very emotional thing, but maybe you have not thought of a more emotional thing, that is, taking a coffee bath, although a bit luxurious, it can effectively break down fat, reduce appetite, and achieve the effect of weight loss Oh!

The active ingredients in coffee can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue, burn fat directly, and stimulate the sympathetic nerves to reduce appetite. Bathing with it can promote circulation in the body with the help of water temperature, accelerate the absorption of caffeine, and consume body heat.

Use 100 grams of coffee beans or instant coffee to make espresso, and pour it into the bathtub with the bath water (about 38 degrees) to start bathing. After soaking for about 10-15 minutes, get up and rinse your toes with cold water to shrink the blood vessels in your feet and strengthen blood circulation.

The bath water added with coffee is astringent, and the whole body will become hot when soaking, the brain will become awake, and the spirit will be very refreshed. After the bubble, the skin will feel clean after touching it.

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