Can Orthodontics Lose Face?

Modern people spend a lot of time and money in pursuit of beauty, such as correcting teeth. Some people change their face shape when they hear that correcting the teeth can change their face shape immediately. Some people really change their face shape after correcting their teeth . It is beautiful and sharp, and even some people think it is a facelift. In fact, whether or not correcting the teeth will change the face shape is relatively speaking. We cannot blindly correct the teeth in order to pursue beauty.

If the correction of the teeth is to thin the face, then this method is not advisable. To do the correction of the teeth can not achieve the purpose of changing the shape of the face, because the correction cannot solve the width of the bones. The width of the bones is determined by the width of the jaws. We correct the teeth It is impossible to narrow the entire jawbone. This place has the bone of the mandibular angle, and a piece of soft tissue, which also has a certain thickness Correcting the teeth only solves the problem of lordosis. If the teeth are more lordous, they are retracted. If the teeth are relatively flat, they are slightly enlarged. It is not wise to adjust your teeth to change your face.

The range of corrective tooth movement is the front-back direction, and the appearance of the side of the face is changed. Among them, the correction of the tooth is the most obvious change in the face shape. The lips will be more easily closed because the incisors move backward, and the incisors will also be closed. It is not easy to be exposed, so whether you look from the side or the front, your face will look better. However, the overall improvement of the face width should not have much impact. People with large faces want to change their face shape by correcting their teeth. It is also unwise to take a Chinese character face. For a person with a Chinese character face, the mandible s growth and development direction is relatively horizontal , which causes the mandible s structure to be more square, while chewing the muscles. Very developed, if you want to become a melon seed face, it is only futile to correct your teeth; unless you use a functional appliance or extraoral device to change the direction and degree of jaw bone growth to a limited extent, you can achieve the goal of changing your face shape.

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