8 Myths Revealed in Slimming Cream

The core tip: You will choose 1 or 2 slimming creams to prepare for the best condition. What can be greeted is often disappointment again and again. The better situation is that you can see a slight effect, and the miserable encounter is that it is useless. But slimming creams are recommended in magazines, TVs, and slimming people without exception. Is this effective?

A: Slimming cream is not a random door for Dora A dream, and has a targeted strategy for any situation. There are two types of conditions it is best at targeting. One is cellulite; the other is edema.

In my life, a woman will suffer from orange peel to varying degrees. Cellulite formation is caused by a variety of reasons, such as inheritance, rapid weight loss, excessive alcohol and tobacco, sedentary exercise, or a surge in female hormones can cause fat accumulation. Cellulite usually appears on the arms, inside the thighs, behind the knees, and abdomen. When you squeeze this part of the skin slightly, you will find that the surface is deformed and uneven, and it looks like orange peel. This is Mainly related to the easy storage of a large amount of fat energy in women s bodies, and the role of slimming cream is to break down stubborn cellulite and effectively promote fat breakdown in the body.

Another type of edema-type obesity is easy to distinguish. It is easy for your limbs to become thicker at night than in the morning. In the evening, the shoes and rings that fit well will be crowded in the evening. This is due to poor circulation in the body and water retention. The best solution is to massage the limbs. The process of applying slimming cream itself is a full body massage. With the caffeine content in it, it helps the body to excess water. Smooth out.

A: If your calf is visually enlarged due to edema, using slimming cream will be very effective. First of all, edema is a phenomenon caused by lymphatic dysregulation, and the lymphatic system is a network parallel to the blood system, which is responsible for absorbing excess body fluids exuding from the blood vessels; and the flow of lymph fluid depends on muscle movement and breathing as promote. Our lack of exercise, long periods of sitting and work, and excessive salt intake can block the lymphatic system and cause our calves to become swollen.

When bathing, use a brush with moderate hair hardness to massage from the ankle to the thigh for about five minutes in a gentle circular motion. In addition to tightening the lines of the legs, this also removes dead skin from the skin. Then use the slimming cream containing drainage, starting from the ankles to the thighs to massage, can promote the drainage function in the body, reduce the accumulation of excessive moisture in the skin tissue.

In addition, if you are of edema type, in order to keep your calves slim, high-heeled shoes over 5cm and Roman-style strap-on sandals are not good choices. Excessive restraint and pressure caused by high heels will hinder blood circulation. , Which affects lymphatic activity.

A: On the surface, the arm is the most active part in daily life, but the direction of extension is mostly only the front or side. So if you dont strengthen your exercise, when you wave your arms, the weak muscles will swing left and right like a bye. Slimming cream can help burn fat and remove excess water. It can effectively prevent fat accumulation in a suitable time, reduce sugar storage, and prevent it from being converted into fat. Relatively speaking, to make the skin of the arm appear firmer, but to reduce arm fat, the most effective way is to exercise. Last year, Biotherm produced a pair of dumbbell-like weight-loss equipment to remind you that no matter where you go, don t forget to let your arms move up to prevent and improve worship.

A: Sitting at the desk from 9 to 5 every day, many office workers lack exercise and sit poorly. The abdomen is easy to accumulate fat and turn into a small belly woman. If you have a small belly, the main cause is secretion. The long-term accumulation of waste and toxins in the intestine can not be excreted normally, and the belly will feel swollen as the day goes by. This will also affect the blood circulation of the body, slow down metabolism and digestion, and finally make the abdomen accumulate fat.

In addition, frequent drinking of drinks with bubbles, such as beer, can also make the abdomen swell. Then while using slimming cream, you only need to cooperate with the use of abdominal breathing and drink plenty of water to significantly improve this problem. Exercise once in the morning and evening to drive the intestinal flexion and thus solve the problem of constipation. Breathing method: lie down, bend your feet to 45 degrees, lay your belly flat with your hands, inhale for 3 seconds, then exhale with your mouth for 6 seconds, gently press the abdomen with one hand, and rest your hands under your waist, feeling behind Slightly press down; finally exhale for 1 second with the nose, press the muscles on both sides of the abdomen inward with both hands, fix the position of the intestine, and concentrate on movement. Repeat the entire 10-second exercise 5 times.

If you are because of the lower abdomen caused by long-term accumulation of fat, the use of Yilan Slimming Tightening Essence is recommended to divide your abdominal fat into four areas, apply upper and lower body creams on the upper and lower abdomen, left and right abdomen, and partition. Can effectively break down cellulite.

A: It is said that the plastic wrap wrapped around the calf can retain the heat generated during exercise to the greatest extent, and promote the perspiration to break down the fat. Many people feel like applying a hair mask and wrapping it with a towel to promote absorption. same. Actually, wrapping the leg with plastic wrap will achieve the effect of releasing sweat, but it is only the water that is discharged through the pores, not the fat. Only aerobic exercise is the key to fat burning. Wrapping plastic wrap in hot weather may cause unexpected conditions such as skin eczema. Maybe it also causes you to have no chance to use your slimming cream all summer.

A: The most important thing to use slimming products is to be persistent. Most products need to be used in the morning and evening, and there must be no interval. If you stop using it or use it during the day or at night, you may let the previous work done. If you emphasize need to massage, you must add the movement of the massage. Mastering the strength of the massage is also very important, and you can t finish it simply by applying it. In addition , pay attention to the amount reminded in the instruction manual. Many users think that slimming cream is very expensive. It is only necessary to save it, but in fact, the amount is not used, and the biggest waste is the failure to achieve the effect.

A: When bathing, with certain massage steps, it can help improve the peeling effect of slimming cream. Massage the problem area with a massager or hard sponge, and use a massage cream with blood circulation and detoxification effects to improve blood circulation. While massaging , the cellulite also disintegrates further. If the massage can be performed with reference to the correct acupoints, blood circulation can be promoted. After bathing, apply slimming cream, massage the abdomen, legs and other parts that are prone to orange peel in a circular motion, and then pat with the palms from the bottom up. Rhythmic massages and slaps help to speed up the breakdown of fat and shrink fat cells, thus eliminating cellulite.

A: Slimming cream mostly contains the active ingredients in the form of capsules, and then slowly released into the skin during the massage process. The accompanying sticky feeling is caused by the large external factors including the active ingredients, but it does not affect the skin . absorb. And, if you compare carefully, the sliminess of slimming cream is reduced year by year.

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