There are different types of forgetfulness.

When there are too many things, you always forget them? I m too old to remember? Not enough sleep, so memory loss? In fact, there are many reasons for the symptoms of amnesia. If you want to cope with amnesia, you still need to prescribe the right medicine, find out the cause of your amnesia, and then take corresponding measures. Experts introduce you to several causes of amnesia, and give seven suggestions to prevent amnesia. Let s take a look together!

When symptoms such as poor sleep quality, more negative emotions, lack of energy, and amnesia are present, it should be suspected as depressive amnesia. A Japanese psychiatrist said: Depression is more likely to consume energy and cause the body to have insufficient energy . Therefore, to improve this type of forgetfulness, you must first start by sleeping and eating well. Only by giving your body sufficient energy can you fight against it. This brings about forgetfulness. In addition, from a psychological perspective, when there is trouble and stress, it is better to choose to vent it instead of holding back, which is more conducive to improving mental state, reverse depression, and then improve forgetfulness.

Depression has become a serious mental illness worldwide. When you feel that your depression cannot be adjusted and controlled, you should consult a psychologist and treat it as mildly as possible, so as not to cause depression to seriously affect normal work and life..

This type is prominent for women over 40 years of age with weakened thyroid function. Due to low body metabolism, not only the body will have symptoms, memory will also decrease, and the speech speed will be significantly slower. If thyroid hormones are supplemented by drugs, The symptoms can be significantly improved. Because this type of amnesia can be learned directly by checking blood indicators, you may wish to check the blood directly when you suspect thyroid amnesia.

In addition, epilepsy is also one of the causes of forgetfulness. A hospital neurology professor pointed out: Epilepsy is often considered a childhood disease, but epilepsy with amnesia is more common in people aged 40-50. Although this type of epilepsy has no seizures, it suddenly appears to be emptied. Before the attack, a series of symptoms such as smelling strange smells, hallucinations, and decreased memory often appear. After the test, anti-epileptic drug treatment can be effective for health.

Forgetfulness due to insufficient nutrition is common in women who undergo extreme weight loss. Physicians point out: People with partial eclipse, including those with eating disorders, are prone to forgetfulness. Inadequate nutrition not only affects the body, but the brain is also easily affected by insufficient nutrition. In nutrient deficiency, vitamin deficiency B12 and folic acid have the most significant effects on memory, and these nutrients are richer in liver, lean meat, beans, and yellow-green vegetables. Compared to eating health products constantly, it is more important to ensure daily diet balance. Stressed.

Menopausal women are in a special physiological state, and a few sentences of estrogen secretion may cause a variety of symptoms of physical and mental disorders. Forgetfulness is one of them. In addition, menopausal mental state is very unstable, and depression symptoms may also occur , causing complex causes. Forgetful, so patients with this confusion can go to gynecology or cardiology for examination and treatment.

Many Many white-collar workers in daily life will find that when they are particularly busy and stressed, it is easy to forget things, and to adjust this type of forgetfulness can only be improved by adjusting the pace of life. Taking a good rest , ensuring sleep, and ensuring a balanced intake of nutrients can always promote the brain to ensure a good working state and reduce the occurrence of forgetfulness. The other thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself and face the work with your usual heart.

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