Teach you how to do well in the rainy season

April 20 is the valley solar term, which is the last solar term in spring. The temperature rises and the precipitation increases, and doing well in valley rain is of great significance for the smooth transition to summer.

Kariya rain is coming, late spring is here, everything is growing and the weather is getting hot. The temperature is high at noon, but the temperature is still low in the morning and evening, so you should wear appropriate clothes in the morning and evening , especially pay attention not to blow after sweating to prevent colds; people with allergies should also prevent pollen allergy and prevent allergies Onset of rhinitis, allergic asthma, etc.

At this time, the Yang Qi is getting longer and the Yin Qi is getting rid of. You should go to bed early and get up early. Do not sweat excessively to nourish the viscera. In addition, since Guyu has more rain during the rainy season, it is necessary to prevent dampness from invading the human body, causing shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, abdominal distension, and unwillingness to eat.

情 In terms of emotions and sports, as in the Qingming Festival health, maintaining a comfortable mood, broad-minded, listening to music, fishing, spring outings, Taijiquan, walking, etc. can cultivate temperament, and do not worry about anxiety or even anger.

At this time, the liver is dying, the heart is gradually exuberant, and the temper is in a period of exuberance. This is a good time for the body to nourish. Lay the foundation for midsummer. Several common medicated diets are listed:

Cardamom amomum lotus leaf drink: 2 g of white cardamom, 2 g of amomum, half leaf of lotus leaf. Wash and chop the lotus leaves, put them into the casserole with the washed white cardamom and amomum, boil enough water, and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. Take service in the morning and afternoon. It has the effect of digestion, broadening, qi and stomach.

Kelp Tremella 羹: 50 grams of kelp, 20 grams of Tremella, the right amount of rock sugar. Wash and chop the kelp. After the tremella is foamed, add water with the kelp and simmer with simmered heat to form a thick scallion. Add an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Take it within 1 day. Can sparse liver and nourish the spleen and kidney.

Corn and jujube black bean porridge: 60 grams of corn, 30 grams of jujube, 30 grams of black beans, 90 grams of carrots. Boil the corn for half an hour, remove it, and use it to boil jujube, black beans, and carrots (wash and cut into pieces), while the beans are rotten. It has the effects of strengthening spleen and kidney, and promoting dampness.

Baking cake: 180 grams of raw scallion, 90 grams of raw chicken gold, 250 grams of white flour, moderate sugar. The raw pupa is washed with practical water, dried, sieved, and sieved. The chicken gold is sieved, sieved, and immersed in boiling water for about 10 hours. Then mix the rice flour, white flour, and sugar with water impregnated with chicken gold to make a pancake. It has the effect of nourishing spleen and strengthening kidney essence.

Golden yam soup with yam and yam: 250 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 10 grams of chicken with gold, 10 grams of yam yam, 4 slices of ginger, proper amount of rice wine, refined salt and monosodium glutamate. Kill Scutellaria baicalensis, wash off the internal organs, cut into sections, and boil water to remove bloody mucus. Wash chicken with gold and yam. Heat the pan, stir-fry the pork with ginger, add a little rice wine, add an appropriate amount of water, transfer to the casserole, add the chicken gold, Huai yam and ginger, boil over high heat, then cook over low heat for 1 hour, add refined salt, After MSG, boil and serve. Can spleen digestion, reconcile liver and spleen.

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