Teach you a few tricks to lose weight

All kinds of parties and parties are beckoning to you, stop watching TV shows at home! Everyone can consume a lot of calories when playing k songs, playing game consoles, and playing cards. Furthermore, it is common for friends to get together and laugh , and it is not a problem to consume 200 calories an hour!

Alas, there is another chore to do. But cleaning the garbage, sweeping the floor, and cleaning the floor for an hour will burn you 300 calories. How about it, don t you think it s not so resistant? When you are doing housework, you can also play some dynamic music, which will make you work faster and burn more calories. Unconsciously, the housework is done.

The set-up is boring. Occasionally change the position of the furniture, move the cabinet and table, and hang a decorative picture on the blank wall … It can give you a refreshing feeling, and it can also help you throw it away Fatty! You can also go to the home store to buy some new decorations and furnishings, which will double the calories burned!

Do you have friends who live in the same city but haven t met for a long time? Don t let your precious friendship be weak because of laziness. Choosing to visit her on a weekend can not only maintain friendship, but also help you burn calories. Why not? If you can, choose to walk as much as possible, you can consume 260 calories in one hour.

Consider thinking about going to work by bike? This is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. Cycling is in line with the current low-carbon trend, and it can save you a lot of fares. Most importantly, you don t have to be squeezed into a paper man in the car during the rush hours of commuting!

It s not just you who needs exercise, look at the little cute who is lying on your feet. Playing with your beloved pet, taking a walk in the community, or taking it to a local park or a suburban rush, will make your pet closer to you, and your waistline will be reduced a lot!

When the TV broadcast reaches a critical moment, there are always nasty advertisements coming out to interrupt! Rather than sitting on the sofa for a while, take out the rope and jump for two minutes, repeat 4 times, you can burn 120 calories.

When you are standing, you will burn more calories than when you are sitting! If you are an office lady in a sedentary office, you have to seize the opportunity to stand still more. Give up the subway seat to others, give up take -out and go downstairs to eat, walk to a colleague s seat instead of using a chat tool when you need to communicate … the cumulative calorie consumption in daily life is quite amazing!

When you stretch your body, you may not feel what exercise you are doing, but it can strengthen the softness of muscles, exercise muscles and bones, beautify the body curve, and rely on it if you want to bend forward and backward. Spend 30 minutes on the bed each morning and evening to stretch and stretch. At the same time as the body is beautiful, your body loses 250 calories!

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