Surprising diet can keep you healthy

The health of the stunned solar terms should also be based on natural phenological phenomena and physical differences to conduct reasonable mental, living, and dietary adjustments. The physical difference actually refers to one aspect of physical fitness in physical fitness. Because the human body is endowed with innate and subject to the influence of various factors, in the process of its growth and development and aging, it has formed a certain characteristic of relatively stable psychological and physiological functions. This characteristic often determines the body s The susceptibility of certain pathogenic factors and the tendency in the course of the disease, so in the health care must be different from person to person, can not be generalized.

The constitution of Chinese medicine is different from that of people. Temperament is the sum of the mental functions, personality, behavior and other psychological functions formed by the human body under the influence of acquired factors, that is, the characteristics of God, and physique is a comprehensive reflection of form and god. The two have an inseparable internal connection.. That is, constitution can include temperament, but temperament is not equal to constitution.

Physique is not fixed. Even in the same environment, as long as we adopt a positive attitude to life and adopt positive health measures, we can correct our physical biases and achieve longevity.

蛰 Amazing is a seasonal phenomenon that reflects the phenology. The first half of March in the Gregorian calendar, the weather gradually warmed, spring thunder began to tremble, hibernating animals and various insects in the dormant soil felt warm in spring, shocked. During this period from the Nine Nine Nine to the end of Nine, the land in North Shandong is completely thawed, and the temperature is generally 4 to 5 ° C. The highest temperature is 18 ~ 23 ℃, and the lowest temperature is 3 ~ 7 ℃. Precipitation is generally 3 to 5 millimeters, more than 20 millimeters, and sometimes less than 1 millimeter.

In this season, the cold spring cold phenomenon in Jiangnan will continue until the last few days of shock, while the cold climate in the north will take longer, so spring cover is also very important in this solar term. Especially the elderly, in this solar term, don t reduce the clothes too much due to the warming weather. Clothes should be added or removed as the climate changes. At this time, the liver is strong, and the elderly are prone to anger. Pay attention to emotional and mental adjustments, keep calm at all times, and do not move the liver fire rashly, otherwise the liver qi rises too much and is prone to dizziness and stroke. This solar term should be cleansed with wolfberry decoction to make the skin radiant.

In this season, Vientiane is renewed and full of vitality. Because the yang-qi in the human body continues to rise in accordance with the season, the yin-blood is relatively insufficient. Dietary supplements should conform to the rise of yang qi, help to temper, and make the internal organs peaceful. Therefore, the tonic should be based on the nutritional needs of the human body, combined with the characteristics of the climate of surprise season, from the two aspects of disease prevention and fitness to adopt effective recipes tonic. The recipe for the season is as follows:

[Make] Wash and slice the roots of cabbage; wash the green bean sprouts; put them in the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water. Bring the pot to a boil over the fire, cook for 15 minutes with simmering heat, strain off the residue, cool it a little, and put it in a pot to serve.

[Production] Put honeysuckle and hawthorn into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it on a Wuhuo fire. After 3 minutes, pour the liquid medicine into a small pot, and then boil it once to scoop out the liquid medicine Add honey and stir well.

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