See what little things will make you lose your life

The human body itself is also a source of pollution. During a night s sleep, the skin of the human body emits a large amount of water vapor, which makes the quilt wet to varying degrees. Humans breath and distribute 145 types of chemicals out of their pores, and 151 types of chemicals evaporate from sweat. The quilt absorbs or adsorbs moisture and gas, and if it is not allowed to emit, it will be stacked immediately, which will easily make the quilt damp and contaminated by chemicals.

It can reduce the abdominal pressure, increase the activity of digestive organs and increase the load of ligaments, which promotes intestinal peristalsis, prone to intestinal torsion, causes abdominal distension, abdominal pain, vomiting, and is prone to diseases such as gastric ptosis.

Beard has the ability to adsorb harmful substances. The air pollution index of people with beards is 4.2 times that of ordinary air. If you have a beard on your chin and a banjo, the pollution index can be as high as 7.2 times. Coupled with smoking and other factors, the pollution index will reach 50 times that of ordinary air.

Can make blood flow in the legs poor, affecting health. If you have a venous tumor, arthritis, neuralgia, or venous thrombosis, you can make your condition worse. Especially people with long legs or pregnant women can easily get venous thrombosis.

Squinting to look at things, the corners of the eyes are prone to fishtail-like wrinkles. Habitual squinting can also cause eye muscle fatigue and dazzling headaches. When rubbing your eyes, the germs can infect your eyes with your hands, causing inflammation, broken eyelashes, or shedding.

It may cause acute cystitis with frequent urination, urinary pain, abdominal pain and other symptoms. A study in the United States pointed out that people with urination habits are five times more likely to develop cystitis than the general population.

Cosmetics and dust remaining on the face will not be washed off, which can cause inflammation such as acne and needle eyes. It can also cause eye inflammation and skin allergic reactions.

In tap water, chloroform and trichlorene are easily volatile harmful substances in water. As water droplets have more opportunities to contact the air during bathing, these two harmful substances are released a lot. Harmful.

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