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In China s traditional culture, the time is 5 to 7 o clock, it is at the time of the transition between yin and yang; 卯 is also a wood, matching the liver, so at this time Jin blood is hidden inside, the body is full of yin and yang, and the body needs Retreat quietly before you can get through this transition from yin to yang. Therefore, from the perspective of health care, especially the elderly and frail, critically ill patients, at this time must not act lightly, so as not to disrupt the normal operation of the biological clock in the body. Many now

According to the theory of health care in traditional Chinese medicine, the best time for people to get up and eat breakfast in the morning should be at 7-9 o clock, because Chen Shi belongs to the sun and the territory. At this moment , the sun rises, and the level of melatonin in the body decreases due to the stimulation of the sun. The body wakes up and begins to work. All parts of the body (including the digestive and digestive functions of the stomach and intestines) tend to be active and excited.. At 9-11 o clock, the peak time of the day is the peak period of mental activity. Because the time is a fire and a heart, and the heart is the main blood and god, so the blood and blood in the body are strong, the circulation is smooth, and the mind is agile. According to relevant research, the vast majority of people reach the most sensitive stage within 1 to 2 hours after waking up in the morning.

At noon from 11 to 13 o clock, it is also a fire, but because it is matched with the small intestine, which is the most important organ for the body to absorb nutrients, noon is the best time to supplement various nutrients. Before and after lunch, people are mostly in intense work, their metabolism is very vigorous, and the consumption of nutrients is relatively large. Therefore, the intake of lunch should not only account for 45% to 50% of the total calorie intake throughout the day . And the food quality requirements are quite high. In addition, due to the high ambient air temperature at noon, the blood vessels on the body surface are dilated, and the blood is forced to shunt outwards. Therefore, proper rest should be taken after lunch to ensure the blood supply of the digestive organs and the absorption of nutrients.

13 to 15 o clock is not the time, it is not the spleen, it is mainly transported, limbs and muscles, so the qi and blood essence can rise to the brain during this period, and the external energy can spread to the limbs . Therefore, it is suitable for the mental operation of the human body. It is also conducive to the physical exercise of people, so it is a high-quality section of the person from time to time. The time from 15 to 17 is Shen Shi. ​​Shen Shi coincides with the large intestine, and the main settles. Therefore, at this time, it is not only the best time to excrete various metabolites in the body, but also the most effective way to treat the diseases of the lower stomach (middle and lower coke) organs by using the method of diarrhea. Favorable time. Because according to the rhythm change of the day and night of the human body s yang qi, the yang qi settles from the time of application, and the viscera and viscera conduction function is strengthened. Therefore, at this time, the use of laxative medicine can significantly improve the efficacy.

The time is from 17 to 19 o clock, and the lungs are golden. Therefore, the lungs are more prosperous. Because of the main skin of the lungs, the skin and respiratory tract of the body are very sensitive to external stimuli. There are many factors such as golden changes, which can cause diseases such as exogenous feelings, allergies, and abnormal moods. The clinical temperature of various types of patients fluctuates abnormally, and most of them also occur during this period. The time is from 19 to 21 o clock, because it is the soil of the stomach, so it is relatively calm and calm. At this time, the most important thing for people to do is to take a break after eating dinner to protect the stomach..

21 ~ 23 are Haishi, Haishi belongs to the kidneys, and the kidneys of Chinese medicine contain major systems such as reproduction, urinary, and endocrine. Therefore, the level of sex hormones in the human body is relatively high during the day, when the sexual desire is most vigorous in a day. At this time, having a healthy, harmonious and high-quality sex life can not only help people reduce stress, relieve pain, promote sleep, but also enhance the body s immune and endocrine functions, beauty the skin, and delay aging. At this time, if you can properly eat some milk, soy milk, etc., you can promote the synthesis and secretion of melatonin in the body, so as to improve the quality of sleep.

Hours 23 to 1 are child hours, hours 1 to 3 are ugly, hours 3 to 5 are yin hours, and hours 5 to 7 at the beginning of this article are the best time for people to sleep. Because the child hour is the yin in the hour of the day, at this time the parasympathetic nerves are the main body in the body, the temperature drops, the breathing, heart rate, pulse slows, the adrenaline level decreases, the peripheral blood vessels expand, and the functions of the internal organs decrease However, the content of melatonin secreted by the pineal cones in the brain has begun to increase, thereby inducing the human body to enter a state of sleep relaxation. Therefore, during this period, it is not advisable to eat, read, or exercise, so as not to cause the body to excite and affect the normal sleep rhythm; the light in the bedroom should not be bright, because the more intense the light, the less melatonin secreted by the pineal gland, the more unfavorable Fall asleep .

Medical research finds that sleep disorders are one of the most direct invisible killers that endanger human health! Therefore, although the human body is in a state of sleep and relaxation during these four hours and eight hours from child hour to hibernation, it actually has health and health care Very important positive meaning, don t take it lightly.

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