Frozen shoulder exercise

Patients with periarthritis are no longer limited to middle-aged and elderly people. Some young people also develop symptoms of periarthritis. Many young people like to expose their clothes and cause their shoulders to be cold. After a long time, periarthritis will occur. Patients will begin to experience symptoms. It is not obvious, but with the development of the disease, sometimes patients even suffer from pain when wearing clothes and combing their hair. Therefore, if there is periarthritis of the shoulder, treat it early and exercise more in your life.

Patients should do more shoulder joint exercises, especially large-scale exercises. 10 minutes at a time is very helpful to prevent adhesion of the shoulder joints, tightness and contracture of the soft tissue of the shoulder. Patients with mild periarthritis can be cured by staying close to functional exercise. Exercise every morning in the following way, and persist for at least 3 months, and those who do not heal for longer, can exercise for a long time like this, which is good for the treatment and prevention of periarthritis of the shoulder.

Facing the wall, use your hands or one hand to slowly climb up the wall to keep your upper limbs as high as possible, and then slowly back down to the original place, repeated several times.

Turn the patient to bend the vertical arm, shake the affected arm, take the shoulder as the center, do a circular motion from inside to outside, or from outside to inside, and use the arm to shake to drive the shoulder joint.

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