Do regular face-lifts harm health?

The thin face needle is mainly for the face with developed masseter muscle, because the main component of the thin face needle is botulinum toxin, which has a very good paralysis effect on the nerves, so when the thin face needle is placed on the developed masseter muscle on both sides, it can be blocked The signal transmission between the facial motor nerve endings and the masseter muscles stops the muscle fibers from contracting, and the masseter muscles gradually paralyze and atrophy to achieve the purpose of thinning the face.

After all, thin face needles rely on drugs to suppress masseter muscles. Drugs always absorb and metabolize one day. Therefore, the effect of thin face needles can only last for half a year to about one year. In general, experts recommend that beauty seekers inject for one year. Face thinning needles are used 2 to 3 times to stabilize the effect, and then the interval between injections is extended.

Many beauty seekers are worried that long-term injection of face-lifting needles will be harmful to the human body. In fact, the reason why the face-lifting needles fail is because the botulinum toxin is degraded and metabolized by the body, so the botulinum toxin in the body is already long before each injection Degraded and has no effect on the human body. The botulinum toxin in the thin face needles is 1% of the safe unit, and the side effects on the human body are very small, so the beauty seekers need not worry that long-term injection of thin face is harmful to the human body.

If the long-term injection of thin face is harmful to the human body? First of all, the harm of thin face injection to the human body is relatively small. Generally, 3 to 5 injections are not harmful to the human body, but in order to achieve good results, in order to be able to inject thin face After the needle is safer, you must choose a regular beauty hospital to inject a thin face needle to achieve good results and ensure safety.

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