Blood pressure lowering detoxification anticancer

Today, I recommend a delicious dish called Dousu Xiaoyuanzi for diet and health. This dish has a lot of health benefits to the human body. It can help us laxative, lower blood pressure, prevent stones, detoxify and fight cancer. Let s take a look How to make it.

Calories 309 kcal protein 20.2 g fat 0.6 g carbohydrate 63.4 g dietary fiber 7.7 g carotene 80 μg calcium 74 mg phosphorus 305 mg potassium 860 mg sodium 2.2 mg iodine 7.8 μg magnesium 138 mg iron 7.4 mg zinc 2.2 mg selenium 3.8 μg copper 0.64 mg manganese 1.33 mg

Wash the red beans, put them into the pressure cooker, put in the sugar, cover the pressure cooker lid, and when you hear the sound of 嗤嗤, turn on the medium and low heat, about 15 minutes.

Red bean contains more saponins, which can stimulate the intestine, so it has a good diuretic effect, can detoxify and detoxify, and is good for heart disease, kidney disease and edema. Adzuki beans have more dietary fiber, and have good effects of intestinal laxation, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying and anti-cancer, preventing stones, and losing weight.

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